3 Foods To Avoid…

Three Foods to Avoid If You Want to Lose Weight

Losing weight is in large part about avoiding unhealthy foods. You can work out as hard as you want, but if you are replacing those burnt calories with unhealthy foods, chemicals and even extra fats, you are probably not going to see much in terms of results.

Here are three foods to avoid if you want to lose weight.

Microwavable Foods

Anything that’s frozen or designed to be microwaved should be avoided. Frozen foods are packed full of all kinds of unhealthy chemicals. Just take a good look at the back of the box. How many of the ingredients can you actually read? How many of them sound like whole or wholesome foods? Also, the level of fats, sodium and sugars are extremely high.

Many TV dinners that people eat in one meal on their own are actually three or more servings. This means that you are getting much, much more fat than you think if you just skimmed the ingredients. Again read the labels and look for servings size and amounts.

High Calorie Drinks

Drinks (pops/sodas/sweetened juices) are one of the biggest sources of sugar and extraneous sugars in the standard popular diet. Lots of people do not realize how much calories are in these various beverages. All of the named and widely advertised pop-drinks, for example, all contain large amounts of both sugar and calories. Take a good look at those persons who drink Cola instead of water almost always end up overweight.

Another common offender is caffeine. Coffee itself has very few calories. However, once you add in the milk or cream plus the sugar, it suddenly becomes a high calorie drink. Even worse are drinks like the favorites such as Lattes, Americanos, Cappuccinos and even Frappuchinos. These extremely high calorie drinks don’t “feel” like eating a meal, but can often contain just as many calories.

Processed Meats

Finally, processed meats are also poor choices if you want to lose weight. It is no mystery when you look at what really goes into processed meats. It’s often the fattiest parts, blended skin, various body parts that couldn’t be sold separately, all mixed with copious amounts of fat.

In addition, these processed meats are usually full of preservatives, chemicals and sodium. Eating a sausage might not seem that different than eating a lean cut of chicken on the surface. But below the surface, re-consider what that sausage is made of, and it is often very different than consuming the chicken. Stick to lean, whole meats and avoid processed meats. You will actually consume fewer calories and of course you will be eating healthier overall as well.

These are just three foods to avoid if you want to get your weight down. Though it may sound simple to just remove three kinds of foods from your diet, these changes alone could help you cut back on a lot of cheap calorie consumption.

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