3 Measurable Signs – That You Are Unfit

3 Measurable Signs That You Are Unfit

Burnout and lifestyle choices are the first contenders for unfitness. Taking a keen consideration into such matters may drastically affect and improve one’s fitness. Moreover, being healthy with a normal body weight may not mean one is fit. In any case, one should stay healthy, and likewise, watch their body fitness. Outlined are some reasons with clear explanation.

Also note that some diet protocols and products on the market may not work for all, seek advice from a professional before trying them. Seeking such products is already a sign. All in all, these are general signs and may affect most people.

Sign 1. BMI (Body Mass Index) and Appetite.

Note that being healthy with a normal body weight or BMI may not mean one is fit. Proportionally, the BMI may matter a lot and affect fitness. This is so since a BMI over 30 means that one is overweight or obese. This, in turn, brings about unwanted illnesses such as cardiovascular sicknesses, diabetes, and stroke. What more, a BMI under 18 is again disastrous as this means one is underweight.

This brings about issues relating to bone strength, metabolism or even organ function.

In addition, the loss of appetite and the metabolism issues lead to unfitness. This is so since the body isn’t getting the vitamins and minerals it deserves. The body will work a great deal to produce energy ending up in unfitness. If all the BMI is not in check and one is experiencing loss of appetite, it could be a sign of unfitness.

Man tired

Sign 2. Breathlessness, Fatigue and Frequent Illnesses.

While undertaking a trivial task and one gets quickly exhausted, could mean or be a sign of unfitness. For instance, when going up or down a flight of stairs, taking a small walk or carrying a light load and one runs out of breath, could mean they are unfit.

After a workout or performing a small chore and you get exhausted is healthy. If the exhaustion persists to the next day such that you have difficulty waking up or doing simpler chores the next day, it could mean you are unfit. You will have depleted the glycogen in your body rendering your incapable of simple activities. Also, the frequent feeling of restlessness or being tired all through the day with no distinctive reason could be a sign of unfitness.

Frequent illnesses such as bone ache or pain and discomfort are a sign of unfitness too.

Sign 3. Poor Bedroom Performance and Sleep Quality

For men, testosterone needs to be boosted and for the ladies, estrogen needs to be in check. Good sleep quality ensures this and prevents feelings of tiredness and irritability. Additionally sex also boost these hormones and simultaneously act to cause the release of oxytocin.

This is a love hormone and owing to the sexual contact between partners, a natural high is released. However if you are unable to perform a reasonable round of sexual activity, this may also be a sign of being unfit. Signs in this case would be more prominent in men than in women.

To go along with this may include, the inability to get an erection in men, or to even maintain it.

Do consider your own state of fitness…