3 Ways To Gain Healthy Weight

Weight Gain – A Real Time Task

While, a lot of people struggle in losing fat, there is a squad of people struggling with gaining weight. Eating a lot, and yet skinny. Many times skinny persons are confused as to why they are not gaining weight, in a world of obese people. The struggle is real and skinny bones have been bullied for a long time, affecting their emotional peace-of-mind.  This article is for all those persons who are skinny and want to gain some healthy weight, even if its just a little bit.

Muscle strengthening

First of all, strengthen your muscles, and the bones should get denser. Exercising promotes the building up of muscles and bone tissues. Start hitting a gym as quickly as you can and do it regularly. If you can, then hire a personal trainer if you are a beginner. They should also guide you on how you can gain “healthy” mass without compromising your heart health. Start working on your full body and muscles, and even do some of the following such as – Squats, Step Ups, Quads, Biceps, and Triceps.


Give time for your body to rest as well, because this is just as important as the work-out, and you’ll see the benefits. Remember – Rome was not built in one day. Regularly strengthening your muscles will impact positively and do wonders for you. Please also focus on becoming fit!


Pre & Post Work Out Meals

Focus on your Pre and Post Work out Meals. Have a fruit, preferably local & seasonal before your workout and start your warm up within 15-20 minutes. If you work out after your meal, keep a gap of 80 -100 minutes.

Do not eat meat prior to your work out. It is devoid of fiber and takes longer to leave Gastro-Intestinal system. Furthermore, your body will now focus on digestion rather than the task at hand.

Do have a meal a bit higher in the Glycemic Index. Easy examples are like juices, sweets, boiled potatoes. Some persons, develop a habit of having a protein shake post workout. This is good as the proteins help in muscle development. Adopt eating protein rich food – Pulses, Nuts, Beans, Whey, Milk. It is also quite useful to enlist the help of a certified nutritionist and they can go over a suitable meal/diet plan. Therefore increasing the caloric intake under the guidance of an expert, is quite beneficial.


Love Yourself

Stop criticizing your body. As simple as this may sound, being grateful also contributes to overall well being. Mental agility and motivation also adds to the program plan. During this time, try not to complain about begin too slim, but start taking care of your body. Get your best friend or close relative involved.

Emphasize on sleeping peacefully and for at least 7-8 hours. Eat freshly, cooked, nutritious food daily. Avoid eating last night’s rice or left overs.  The muscles need to develop themselves, wake them up, work out better and feel better, and that sometimes is more important than the weight. In this case it may just a number, that you are actively working on.

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Author : Akansha Dalmia,

Blogger www.thewellbeingtalk.com

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