5 Signs You Are Unfit

Many of us are unfit… Let’s just admit it… Unfit…

How do we know this? Well apart from just knowing this, there are a few indicators which present themselves when we find ourselves in this position. Mind you some persons are comfortable with being in this state but at least there are those of us wishing to change.

Well in order to change we must know what are some of the indicators, of being unfit. Having a grasp of this information arms us with the information we need in order to change.

1. Out of Breath

The most common symptom is easily becoming out of breath with little exertion. Think about the last set of stairs you climbed or maybe the last time you walked around the block. Did you become out of breath? Maybe you were unable to carry on a conversation after this little routine. Yep – it means that you are in the unfit category.

If you don’t engaged in vigorous exercise for at least 30 minutes, 3 – 5 days a week then you are probably unfit.

2. Your Pulse Rate

After exercise, the heart rate of an unfit person will stay significantly longer to return to normal than that of a fit person. You can easily test this against broad standards in the industry. The Harvard Medical School has a step exercise which lets you test your aerobic fitness. Materials needed are simple: 1) Stopwatch 2) A Step approximately 18 inches tall.

To get started, you need to do the following:

  • Step up and then down the step for 3 minutes
  • Try to get to a rate of approximately 30 steps per minute
  • Rest for 1 minute
  • Take your pulse for 30 seconds
  • Note your results
  • Compare your results based on your age in the respective tables

3. Sleep Quality is Compromised

The inability to sleep or to have a good quality of sleep may be a sign of being unfit. In some studies carried out in adolescent girls, it was found that… “Girls who were classified as fit were more likely to report better sleep quality compared to their unfit peers. Poor sleep quality was associated with lower Cardio Respiratory Fitness (CRFs)…”

4. Constant Fatigue

Working out regularly is one key to staying alert and energized during the day. In fact with exercise and physical activity you’ll naturally feel more awake. Various studies show that physical activity is a behavior that has promise for combating feelings of fatigue and low energy. Therefore on the converse, if there is little to no physical activity, then there is an increased likelihood of constant tiredness.

5. You Struggle to Carry Stuff

Also known as a lack in functional strength, if you find that you are struggling to carry maybe a laundry basket or even groceries with you even a little ways, it is likely that you are out of shape. This may even tie into the walk around the block, as indeed if you are struggling then it is likely that you will be out of breath quite quickly. In a case like this – consider if an emergency arises and you need to take up important documents or packages and move quickly to safety, what will the chances be of being able to complete this? This is not limited to body size either as a person who may consider themselves as slim may fall into this category. This will also occur if there is a significant break in a regular workout routine as well.

Some studies indicate that in as little as four weeks – break from a fitness program or pattern can lead to persons starting to show signs of struggle.

Sometimes we may display just one or maybe all of these signs as mentioned above. Additionally this list is not by any means exhaustive, but may be key indicators of our state of health and wellness.

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