5 Ways for Men to Stay Active This Fall

Keeping up an active lifestyle in the fall.

With summer on the way out, it’s getting harder and harder to keep up on your exercise and regular activity. Worsening weather makes staying inside seem a lot nicer, and the incoming sweater-friendly temperatures make it a little easier to hide that gut. However, that doesn’t mean that you should let fall be the downfall of your active lifestyle. Try these fives things that you can do to keep moving this fall.

Find a Workout Buddy and Hit the Gym

The gym is an obvious way to get your workouts in for the fall. The weather stays constant, the activities you can do are almost limitless, and an entry-level gym memberships is pretty affordable.

However, it’s also easy to come up with excuses not to go to the gym. Traffic is bad, you went yesterday, nobody’s going to notice, and so on. The truth is, gym fatigue is common, but you don’t have to fall prey to it. This fall, try to find a workout buddy. You’re looking for someone with similar fitness goals and habits to you. Together, you can keep one another accountable even as gym attendance for others starts to dwindle as swimsuit season is on the out.

Find Hobbies That Take You Outside

It’s easy to get out in the summer when the weather is good. The pool is open, so you can always go swimming; hikes in the mountains are accessible and fun; and morning temperatures are often warm enough that it’s not too hard to convince yourself to get out for a morning run.

As the good times of summer start to pass us by, though, it gets a little harder to find excuses to head outdoors. Now the pool is closed; the mountains are starting to get their first snow caps; and it’s getting more and more tempting to stay in bed for just a little longer. That doesn’t mean that you should call it quits on getting outside, though. Plenty of hobbies are still great for the fall. Some of them may be even better with slightly cooler temperatures. Here are some for you to try:

  • Fall Sports: There’s a reason why a lot of sports seasons don’t begin until the fall. Simply put, it’s way too hot to be running around in sports gear during the summer. Don’t just leave it to the pros, though. You can find amateur leagues for sports like soccer and football in your area.
  • Geocaching: This fun outdoor hobby will take expose you to a side of your own neighborhood that you probably didn’t even know about. The thought of digging up buried treasure or caches of goodies left by other geocachers will keep you motivated to get out and about this fall. There is some gear that you’ll need, such as a metal detector to locate the metal geocaching boxes, but once you’re in, this is a hobby that you can keep coming back to time and again.
  • Corn Mazes: Nothing says fall like a corn maze. These awesome outdoor adventures spend all year growing before opening to the public for just a handful of weeks before Halloween. This is a great activity to get the whole family outside and moving about.

Find Some Home Projects

It’s draining to get up on the roof during the summer. With the sun beating down on you and the prospect of much more interesting activities to distract you, there’s no reason to get your home projects done during the summer. Instead, wait for the fall, when you can bundle up and install that new roofing, working on your garage organization makeover, or put in that new fence that you’ve been needing for years.

Make Fitness Your Career

This is like getting a workout buddy, except multiplied by 10. For many skills, you may not find that you’re truly an expert until you have to teach someone else. Fitness can be the same way. But, working with others on their fitness goals, you can hone your understanding of an active lifestyle an find the motivation to hit the gym or keep up your personal workout from week to week. With a few entrepreneurial skills of your own, you can turn your fitness knowledge into a personal businesses, either to pull in a little extra cash on the side or as a way to quit your job and start working for yourself.


Fall may bring cooler temperatures and chilly breezes to your neck the woods, but that doesn’t mean that’s how it’s going to be all across the globe. Many awesome travel destinations don’t even open up until the fall, when their sweltering summers turn into temperature autumns. Other popular summer destinations may become less crowded during the fall, creating the possibility of a more relaxed travel experience for those who are willing to put on a few layers. No matter where you end up going, travel is a surefire way to make sure that you’re up and moving during the fall.