6 Ways To Include More Vegetables In Your Diet

Vegetables are not everyone’s favourite.

You either love them, moderately tolerate them or completely detest them. But as with most healthier options, they are worth it! Especially if you do not supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals. This is so because vegetables can provide your body with these same essential vitamins along with powerful antioxidants. Given these qualities, here is how you may incorporate more vegetables into your diet.
1. Include them in every meal; breakfast, lunch and dinner.
If eggs and bacon are your regular pick for breakfast. Swap out some or all of the bacon for sweet peppers or even zucchini. Eggplant is also a good option.

2. Spruce up your starches with vegetables.
Add grated carrots to your rice. You may even include diced squash and celery. Always make casseroles and pies with vegetables incorporated.

3. Try putting vegetables in your shakes.
Experiment with flavours to see what compliments each other. Carrot juice is often coupled with pineapple and mango juice. Beets are also a popular pick paired with apples, berries and pears.

4. Spice them up.
If you never acquired a taste for vegetables you may need to add a flavor to them that you are more familiar with. Sauté your vegetables with your favourite herbs and spices. A little garlic, pepper and onion can make a great difference in the taste of your vegetables.

5. Don’t overcook the vegetables.
Not only does this take away from the quantity of health benefits you receive but it can also take away from the overall taste of the meal. Mouthfeel is one of the sensory characteristics which affects your opinion about a food. Sometimes the mushiness of a meal makes it messy to the eye and to the taste.

6. Make it exciting to the eye.
Similar to the texture, the appearance is important. The chefs say that we eat with our eyes first. Make your vegetable sides and salads exciting with a variety of colours. Try using purple and green lettuce, purple onion instead of the usual green and a selection sweet peppers.

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