7 Amazing Medical Benefits of CBD Oil You Need To Know

7 Amazing Medical Benefits of CBD Oil You Need To Know

Cannabis is fast emerging as a substance that is full of many health benefits. Fortunately, with the use of both recreational and medicinal marijuana changing all the time, there is plenty of possibility on the horizon for the green plant! However, many people aren’t aware that there’s more to this famous plant than the green, leafy stem and the greenhouse seeds.

CBD oil, one of the fastest emerging markets in the United States, is a substance derived from the cannabis plant that is ready for the spotlight. Not only is it becoming very popular, but the projections for its growth are also pretty remarkable! In a recent study, the Hemp Business Journal revealed that the growth of this sector was expected to be 700% by 2020, with approximately $2 billion in sales. Given the future of this substance, it’s worth knowing a little bit more about it.

Fortunately, this unique oil derived from to stalks, seeds, and flowers of the famous plant is full of cannabinoids. It can be paired up with anabolic steroids to obtain improved physical performance. As CBD oil is non-psychoactive and can regulate the body’s endocannabinoid system, there are plenty of health benefits ready to be extracted!

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1. Reducing Inflammation

One of the leading causes of illness and aging in the body is inflammation. While most people have heard about the pain-reducing benefits of medical marijuana, they may not be aware that CBD oil can have a similar effect! In fact, this substance derived from the cannabis plant impacts the glycine receptors in the body, which actually work to reduce pain and inflammation. As a result, for everything from neck pain to back pain to issues with the joints, CBD oil can be an easy, non-psychoactive solution for dealing with body inflammation issues.

2. Combats Anxiety

Cannabis is often utilized as a mean of reducing anxiety and stress. Fortunately, clearing your mind with CBD oil is an ideal way to get the benefits of marijuana without experiencing the associated high. As CBD oil can help to regulate the body and boost the mood, it can assist with developing better sleep patterns and reducing the physical symptoms related to stress. Fortunately, with a natural remedy like CBD oil which can be ingested in a variety of ways, it can be a simple means of minimizing anxiety.

3. Helping the Heart

Given the number of studies that have revealed CBD oil to reduce inflammation, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it can help out the heart. With anxiety reducing and antioxidant properties, CBD oil has been linked to lower blood pressure. As high blood pressure is associated with health risks like heart attacks and strokes, CBD oil can function as a natural treatment for anxiety and blood pressure issues.

4. Here Comes Clear Skin!

It often seems like there are a million different solutions out there for combatting acne. Fortunately, given the fact that acne is an inflammatory condition, the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD oil from autoflowering marijuana seeds can be of great service. Acne is caused by excess oil, and this special substance actually helps to reduce the production of sebum on the skin. Not only that, CBD oil can actually work to fight off free radicals, which are the leading cause of aging, and can lead to younger-looking skin!

5. Boosts the Immune System

It goes without saying that eating healthy, exercising and having a less stressful lifestyle can serve as automatic boosts to the immune system. Fortunately, because of the regulative properties of the CBD oil, it can actually work to balance out the body and prevent many illnesses like lupus and psoriasis. Getting plenty of rest and eating an apple a day can be good in terms of health, but a little CBD oil can go a long way in boosting your ability to fight off sickness!

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6. Managing Diabetes

The automatic abilities of CBD oil to assist with boosting the immune system and reducing pain are beneficial for those dealing with illness. Fortunately, the beneficial properties of CBD oil extend to preventing the development of diabetes. According to a study, only 32 percent of the mice treated with CBD oil developed diabetes as opposed to 100 percent in the placebo group. Though more studies are needed, researchers believe CBD oil inhibits the body’s production of IL-12, which contributes to a variety of body disorders.

7. Prevention of Cancer

While more research is needed into the properties of CBD oil to determine it’s cancer-fighting abilities, there is some evidence that it may help in fighting and even preventing cancer. According to a study by the American Association for Cancer Research in 2011, it was determined that CBD oil had the ability to kill breast cancer cells while having no impact on healthy breast cells. Given the benefits and drawbacks of this chemotherapy, the potential for CBD oil is immense.

As the doors open up for medical and recreational marijuana use, there’s no doubt that more studies will be done into the potential of CBD oil. Fortunately, given the active ingredients in medical cannabis and the non-psychoactive properties of  CBD oil, there may be many medical breakthroughs on the horizon. Whether you’re trying medical marijuana or CBD oil, there are myriad benefits of which an individual can take advantage.