7 Facts About Cannabis & Sex

7 Facts – Cannabis & Sex

Contributing Author: Jessica K

Cannabis and sex is a much-discussed topic. Some say it enhances the sexual experience and others say the exact opposite. There are those who prefer the psychoactive Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and others who prefer the non-psychoactive Cannabidiol (CBD) oil.

With recreational marijuana looking set to be more widely legalized, chances are the “Cannasexual” population could increase. Yes, you heard it right – “Cannasexual”, a term coined by experienced sex educator, Ashley Manta.

If you have consciously and intentionally blended cannabis and sex to achieve greater pleasure and intimacy, you could be exactly that, Cannasexual.

With this emerging wave, here are seven facts about Cannabis & Sex:

  1. It is older than you thought

The concept of mixing cannabis and sex didn’t start in the 20th century. In India, as way back as 700 A.D, tantric sex practitioners consumed cannabis. It was one of the core steps involved. Participants would either drink a victory drink known as ‘Vijaya,’ (a cannabis milkshake containing bhang, almonds and various spices); or another edible ball called ‘Bhang’ (a combination of cannabis leaves and flowers). Vijaya had to be taken 90 minutes ahead of the tantric ritual climax so that the participant fully felt the drink’s effects. In the 1930s, youthful Russian brides would topically apply a blend of cannabis and lamb fat to feel less uncomfortable during the consummation process.

  1. Which strain you use makes all the difference!

 Both the Indica and Sativa strains are used for sex. The effects felt could vary with grower, phenotype and geographic location and so making a clear recommendation between the two is difficult.

One opinion is that Indicas offer better, more satisfying orgasms. Sativa strains have a higher percentage of THC (the psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis). So when consumed, the attention would be more on thoughts in the head rather than on your bed partner. There may be Sativa and Indica varieties that do not fit into this classification. At the end of the day, it is all a matter of how the weed impacts you and your own personal preference. You could also take the advice of any of various good medical marijuana doctors in Jacksonville and other areas.

  1. Cannabis consumption triggers sex with multiple partners

    Cannabis can be consumed in more ways that just smoking. Partners can bake brownies and cakes together. A 2009 study from the Australian Research Centre in Sex found the following:

  • Women who often consumed marijuana were more likely to have had sex with greater than two people in the previous year.
  • Men who consumed cannabis to any degree had a double likelihood of greater than two sexual partners for the previous year


  1. Cannabis use reduces chances of condom use

As per an SKYN Condom survey, only 44 percent of weed smokers utilized condoms. This is 4 percent less than the percentage of non-smokers who did. Even more interesting is that 37 percent of those who used condoms (or claimed to) had no less than 15 sexual partners!

  1. Cannabis is great at pampering the vagina

Cannabis lubes are better absorbed by the vagina/ vulva mucous membrane. Penis skin isn’t as favorable for absorption of the lube. Hence the effects are more pronounced in women. These include increased blood flow and more comfort and warmth in a woman’s private parts. Cannabis infused coconut oil has been touted to increase the likelihood and strength of women’s orgasms when spritzed on to their genitals.

Vaginismus, a condition which makes sex seem painful is helped by cannabis lube. The lube alleviates pain and enables the affected women to really relax when having sex. Cannabis lube can also help alleviate bruising from rough anal sex. So, all in all, it offers great care and pampering for the vagina. For more info, do get in touch with your sexologist.

  1. Provides an illusion of longer sex

As per a recent study, most of the men studied claimed that pot enhances their sexual stamina and also provided for extended erections. However, this claim is subject to question. The reason is that cannabis can distort a person’s perception of time. So while a man may think he was going for 30 minutes, in reality, it may have been just 2 minutes.

  1. Doing it once makes it tempting to do it many more times

A recent Archives of Sexual Behavior research study reveals that some couples yearned for more sex following the first sexual encounter when on weed. To put it differently, the sex on weed experience felt so wonderful for them that they wanted to repeat the experience many more times.

The key is to use cannabis wisely because too much of a good thing was never good. Also, if you think weed could help your health, medical marijuana in areas that have legalised it such as in Florida is easy to purchase from a dispensary near you.

Apart from this, it is always wise to consult your personal doctor on if you should consider using the medical cannabis as part of any regime. It is important to recognize that research and findings are on-going.