Active Jobs That Keep You Fit

Source: Pexels

Office jobs are not for everyone. Between the mundane repetition and the sitting in place for hours, office jobs offer less activity than some prefer. Not only can working in an office cause some people to feel bored or even trapped at work, but it is also bad for your health to remain so immobile throughout the day.

Fortunately, there are plenty of active jobs that can keep you fit. Working in sports and fitness, doing outdoor labor, and any other job that keeps you moving may be a great fit for you if you don’t get all that excited about working an office job.

Taking on an active job is a great way to be proactive about your health. Here are some of the many jobs you can consider if you want a job that will keep you fit.

Sports Coaching

A great place to start when looking for an active job is a career working with athletes. Whether it’s with school-age children, at the college-level, or even with professional athletes, a career in coaching will keep you active, as you will need to keep up with your athletes.

Even though you don’t necessarily do all the exercises they do, you will need to demonstrate different techniques to them — and if you wanted to, you could do some of the exercises with them to stay fit.

According to Ohio University’s Athletic Administration program, in order to be a good coach “coaches can apply tried-and-true strategies and practices to promote skills, as well as discover their own methods. The goal should be to reach athletes on an individual level in order to bring them together as a team.”

Doing some exercises with your team can be a way to encourage and motivate them while keeping you more connected. That way, you can be sure that you are showing them the best way to do the exercise or skill.

Fitness Instructor

Along the same lines, being a fitness instructor is great for your health. Since you are actively showing your class how to do the moves by doing them yourself, you will always be in shape. Depending on your personal interests and capabilities, you can essentially choose the classes you want to teach.

Of course, being a fitness teacher will require that you be an expert in the field, so it requires a lot of practice and training. Once you get to an advanced level, however, you can work while keeping your body in great shape. This job is also great because you can help others get fit and learn to love exercising.

You can choose to teach whatever activity you are trained in, and there are many to choose from. Some of them include:

  • Yoga/pilates instructor
  • Ski/snowboarding instructor
  • Dance teacher
  • Zumba teacher
  • Cycling instructor

The options are plentiful. You can even choose between being a fitness instructor in your free time or being a full-time instructor.


Perhaps postmaster is not the first career that pops into your mind when you think staying fit, but postmasters are required to be active. Not only are mail carriers in constant motion, dropping off mail and packages to mailboxes and front doors, but they often have to be able to lift and carry heavy packages.

In fact, postal experts have this to say about the subject:

Clerical mail workers have to stand for long periods of time at work. Also, they may be required to carry heavy loads. That’s why it’s important to have high physical strength and stamina. Workers who engage in regular cardiovascular and strength training exercises have no problems. Upper body strength is important to ensure that work is performed without getting injured.

The health benefits of being a postmaster include keeping your heart and muscles strong, which makes it a great option for an active job. Plus, they usually get paid well and working for the government has great benefits!

Outdoor Jobs

If your true calling is spending time outdoors working with plants, then you may have a future in gardening and landscaping. These jobs often require the strength to carry and transport gardening supplies, the endurance to complete yard maintenance like shoveling or mowing the lawn, and being in constant motion.

According to financial experts at Fiscal Tiger, some outdoor, seasonal jobs — like working as a campground host — are great for retirees looking to cushion their savings fund. This can keep seniors active and healthy while providing some extra money to save and spend later.

Outdoor jobs are also great for teenagers under 16 looking to get some cash on the side as they can offer gardening services to neighbors. This can eliminate some time on the couch and make them stretch their legs a few times a week, especially since obesity is a common health issue for teens.

Surfing Instructor

If you’re a naturally good swimmer and love playing in the water, you should consider working in or near it. Swimming is one of the best types of exercises, as it works your muscles while improving your cardio. If you can find a job that allows you to play in the water, you are sure to stay fit.

If you live by the coast, you might think about becoming a surfing instructor. Of course, you have to be passionate and advanced in surfing in order to teach it, and if this is the case, then you can spread your love of the sport to kids and beginners looking to try it out.

If you have never surfed before but are interested in it and think you might want to become an instructor, then know it’s never too late! Just throw on a Rip Curl wetsuit, get a board, and start learning! With dedication and discipline, you can get yourself to a stage where you can teach others. This can also give you a leg up in teaching, as you can use the techniques that worked the best for you on your students.

Staying fit is an important part of life. Just because work takes up most of our time, doesn’t mean we can’t stay active. If exercising before or after work is simply not enough, then look for a job that keeps you moving. There are many options for people of all ages and skill levels, so if an active job is what you want, you just need to find the one that is the best fit for you!