Add Your Family To Your Exercise Routine

How to Incorporate Your Family Into Your Exercise Routine

Contributing Author: Ryan Varela

Health and wellness is a basic necessity in the family. When everyone in the family is healthy, it has more positive turnouts – more time to play and bond, more active daily activities and fewer expenses on common illnesses. One of the most effective ways to keep the family healthy is to keep everyone active.

Healthy diet and regular supplements can help a lot, but nothing beats being physically active to keep the motors running.

If you are already active on your exercise routine, the next step is to get each one up to speed. Sometimes, not everyone will have the same enthusiasm, especially the kids. It’s best to keep things interesting and child friendly. Here are some easy tips to incorporate your family into your exercise routine.

  • Go for Pre- or Post-dinner Walks

Being the last meal of the day and when everyone is home, dinner is usually the meal when each of the family members are present to take part. Since it is where most family conversations happen, it is also understandable if some may eat a lot more than is advisable before bedtime. Going for a pre-dinner walk can prepare the body for taking in carbs from dinner, while post-dinner walks can help quickly burn off the carbs taken.

  • Make a Game Out of Household Chores

Talk about hitting two birds with one stone, have your kids help out in household chores. True, some kids may not enjoy doing chores and this is where you put the twist. Make a game out of household chores to keep their interest and enthusiasm up.

One example is to give them small rewards for every chore completed, or really just about anything that your imagination will give you.

  • Crank Up the Music and Boogie Down

Kids love to dance. If they say they don’t, they surely will when they see you and the rest of the family dancing to an upbeat modern music that kids listen to these days. Dancing is one of the most enjoyable and easiest ways to incorporate exercise. The whole body moves and burns out calories, and it is not a tedious routine because you have fun music to accompany you.

For a better turnout, have the kids choose the music they want to dance to.


  • Put Kids to Work in the Yard

Yard chores are helpful physical activities in terms of exercise because the body stays active while burning calories. Children will also find this enjoyable since they are able to go outside and play in the yard, all while helping you with yard chores. You can give them simple tasks to keep their enthusiasm alive.

Take note however, be sure to check if the heat of the sun is too much or unhealthy. Find another physical activity then.

  • Team Up for Gardening

Children like to play in the sand and dirt, so they will find this activity fun and they can definitely help you tending to your garden. To ensure that the activity does not end in a one-time fun, plant something that they can easily tend to and can grow with a fruit. For instance, lemon or mangoes.

To keep the activity interesting, you can team them up for different tasks to make the work lighter and quicker. This way, they can also have time to play on the dirt and use their motor skills to stay active, all while exercising their bodies.


  • Have a Weekly Sports Night

Sports, of course, are the best way to incorporate an exercise routine in the family. It is easier to spark the kids’ interest in sports when they know that they get to do it with the entire family. Ball games are the most common and popular family sports, such as soccer, basketball and volleyball.

You can also try swimming and Frisbee. Sports can make the body active and ensure that the motor skills are conditioned.

Staying active with your family is one way to protect their health and wellness, especially from long term critical illness. Sometimes, all it takes is to change a few techniques to make the otherwise tedious exercise routine into an enjoyable and fun, child-friendly activity. When everyone is healthy, everyone is happy.

Author Bio: Ryan Varela is the CEO of Boost Health Insurance which provides customized and affordable health care plans for thousands of customers across the United States. Ryan has nearly a decade of experience in the health care industry and continues to serve the greater need to educate and deliver access to affordable options to those who need health care the most.