An All-Natural Boost to Your Day

It’s 2:00 in the afternoon. That afternoon lull has hit and you’re continually looking up at the clock and trying to prop your eyelids open so that you’re not soon drooling at your work computer. Afternoon grogginess seems to kick in almost every day around this time, and this need for a nap is getting old when you have important things to be working on.

If this sounds familiar, it might be time to consider incorporating a natural energy booster into your routine. These all-natural energy boosts throughout the day can be simple changes that infuse you with that revitalization needed to keep going, or they may mean a complete overhaul in your daily routine. Of course, it’s whatever works best for you! Some examples of these boosters include switching up afternoon treats, incorporating essential oils into your life, or making alterations to your sleep routine.

Munch on Something Revitalizing

Often times we find ourselves snacking on something throughout the workday. For many people, snacking rather than eating full meals serves to better keep them full and engaged in work all day. But the types of snacks we choose to eat can have a substantial impact on our energy flows, and some lead to nasty energy crashes altogether.

For instance, choosing to snack on mixed nuts, fruits, and yogurt rather than chips or candy can give you a quick, long-lasting energy boost instead of an energy high followed by a crash. Some universities take smart snacking seriously and offer suggestions for quick, smart snacks for students. These include things such as almonds, yogurt, tuna, grapes, apples, and cheese. These foods often contain healthy fats, few calories, and lots of protein to keep you going throughout the day. You can also choose to add an energy-boosting natural supplement to your diet.

Fortunately, many of these energy-boosting snacks are also considered lean body foods as they are part of a healthy diet. Keeping many of these items around the house and in the office will help you to avoid energy-sapping food choices. Furthermore, doing so may help you maintain or achieve your body image goals!

Breathe in Deeply

Essential oils seem to be one of the latest fads, but they can actually provide a number of helpful benefits if used correctly. One easy example is by using them to infuse some extra energy boosts into your day to day life. Certain essential oils are actually perfect specifically for that task.

Basically, essential oils are the oils and aromatic substances produced by plants naturally that have been highly concentrated. For instance, a single drop of rose oil contains the oil produced by approximately 50 flowers. There is a ton of information to digest when beginning, which is why most people who are interested will need a crash course in using essential oils.

Typically, essential oil users will invest in an aromatherapy diffuser. This is a small (often decorative) device that infuses a room with the scent of the essential oil just by adding a couple drops of the essential oil and water. If that isn’t for you or the scent would fill up the entire office space, other options include aromatherapy inhalers, lotions, and chest rubs.

Value a Good Night Sleep

It may be somewhat surprising, but a significant number of people simply don’t get enough sleep every night. Failing to get a full night sleep has immediately noticeable side effects such as drowsiness at work, but chronic lack of sleep can also play a role in the development of serious health problems and diseases in later life. Many sleep specialists suggest that getting enough sleep is also a critical part of cementing learned information and maintaining efficiency throughout the day.

There are a number of things you can do to ensure you get a good night sleep and are ready to go all day when you wake up. Some of the easiest ones to incorporate into your life for an all-natural energy boost include reducing screen time a few hours before bed, not taking naps after about 3:00 in the afternoon, and not eating heavy meals less than two hours before heading to bed for the night. Additionally, you can boost your sleep quality by purchasing a comfortable, firm mattress and decorating your bedroom in a calming manner.

It may seem somewhat obvious that a good night sleep will reduce midday drowsiness, but it is incredible how many people take it for granted. Sleep experts suggest that people who are able to “sleep anywhere” are really just people that are chronically sleep deprived. In many cases, getting a full eight hours may be all that is necessary to really provide that much needed all-natural energy boost.

Finding a healthy way to infuse your day with added energy can be a challenge. Especially with the numerous “easy-outs” available. Taking small steps using some of the above suggestions such as taking healthy snacks to work may make a significant difference. Try them out and see how it goes!