Are Energy Drinks For You?

“Everyone knows that energy drinks are a perfect, pick-me-up…”

The caffeine, the sugars and the electrolytes can give your slothful state a boost and cure dragging and tired feet during long and tiresome days. As with most things however, some persons are at risk of adverse side effects from consumption.

Are these drinks for me?

Here is a few facts that may guide you:

Hypertensive Persons

Studies have proven that caffeine increases the blood pressure. Caffeine therefore is not a good idea for persons who naturally have a high blood pressure; hypertensive persons.


Energy drinks can be loaded with sugar for obvious reasons, the fast energy of course. These sugars will produce blood sugar spikes. If your blood sugar has not drastically dropped below advised levels, then sudden bursts of sugar should never be on your diet agenda. The insulin in your body is already doing strange things, don’t add to the drama.


Persons with irregular heartbeats, arrhythmia, are generally more at risk for heart failure, heart attack, stroke and sudden death. In a case where your arrhythmia is on the faster end of the scale and you have more beats per minute than average, energy drinks can create unpleasant complications. This is so because they will further contribute to your racing heart rate and may cause dizziness, fainting or even heart failure.


Evidently, energy drinks super-charge your body. If you normally have difficulty sleeping then energy drinks can worsen your situation. The caffeine and sugars will keep your body energized and excited especially if consumed near to sleep time.


Caffeine and other ingredients such as guarana and ginseng that may be found in energy drinks can affect the nervous system as well causing nervousness, restlessness, anxiety and depression. Studies have suggested that frequent energy drink consumption is linked to the incidence of anxiety.

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