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Bad Breath – HALITOSIS

Halitosis, or in simpler terms “chronic bad breath”, is probably one of the most common oral problems that the mass majority suffers with today. It’s not just the typical bad breath you get when you have just woken up, and it’s also not just the one that you may have after grabbing a bite on foods that have a huge amount of garlic, onions or even fish.

Halitosis can be more than what some persons are already experiencing. as this may mean that something more serious is actually happening in your body, and you may be yet to figure it out.

This oral problem usually means that you have dental issues, infections on the mouth, nose or the throat, sinuses or even more severe issues such as, chronic conditions like diabetes and gastric re-flux.

However, as serious as the conditions that come with it, halitosis can be caused by a lot of things like smoking and dry mouth. Additionally, in some cases it is also caused by the most random thing: food and our diet.


The things that you put in your mouth are specifically one of the main reasons why this oral problem is triggered. Having a particular diet or changing to a new or different diet (ketogenic or paleo diet) can lend to this issue of bad mouth odor. Sometimes our heavy use of foods which include onions and garlic can also cause halitosis. Therefore a short answer is – Yes!


There are certain food diets that cause halitosis more than the others.
A ketogenic diet that lessens your body’s consumption of carbohydrates is one example; In this example you are getting rid of the carbs from your system, and now you are making use of ketones to fuel up your body, instead. When broken down, ketones produce a strong smell, thus, in a case like this it can contribute to the halitosis.

Similar examples include transitioning to diets such as south Beach Diet or even the Atkins Diet. The breakdown of these foods at times also are accompanied by a bad taste in the mouth. Some places refer to this  issue as the Keto-breath.


Generally, starting on a new diet causes your body to have a new environment to get used to in time. Remember food is broken down by the gut using bacteria and other micro-flora as well as specific chemical reaction. Now, if you’ve switched to a Paleo diet, you are taking carbs out of your system and building up more protein; one of the side effects of this process includes halitosis. In this instance, the body’s chemistry and breakdown process has to change to accommodate the change in diet and food intake.

The same goes for ketogenic diet and fasting.


Because of the embarrassment and anxiety that this hygienic problem brings to an individual, it’s a must that you avoid or get rid of halitosis quickly, or put things in place to bring it under control.  To help out, here are some points you’d want to consider doing more often:

Brush the teeth.

Brush your teeth for at least two minutes after every meal, everyday. However, be reminded that this only cleans about 60% of the surface of your teeth. Some persons may include the use of brushing with baking soda. This can reduce the environment from being ideal for the bacteria to grow and cause the bad breath.


Because brushing your teeth isn’t enough, flossing is an addition to the ways to avoid the food particles from building up between the teeth. Floss…

Brush the tongue

Thoroughly brushing your tongue lessens oral problems a lot as most of the food particles and bacteria from the food you eat remains on it. If the toothbrush doesn’t do the job, you can also use a tongue scraper.

Just a reminder: If you have just started on a new food diet, chances are, halitosis will only stay on you system for a short while. This will be gone once your body has gotten used to its new dietary and digestive environment.