Best exercises for straight teeth – That You Probably Didn’t Know

Best exercises for straight teeth – That You Probably Didn’t Know 
Contributing Author: Judy Robinson

Not everyone has straight teeth. Having straight teeth is a blessing as people often end up spending thousands of bucks just to get their teeth straight. Getting your teeth straight can turn out to be a painful process as well because there is the use of braces in it.

Braces are right now the only proper solution that one can think of if they are looking to straighten their teeth. You have to wear braces and extractions for a long period of time in order to get straight teeth and then head over to retainers.

This is one process that many people go through in order to get their teeth straight.

Another process that can take some time but is totally natural and does not require braces to straighten your teeth is exercise. We all have heard this word a thousand times before and we know that exercise is usually affiliated with reducing your body weight and staying fit.

But a lot of people don’t even know this that there are different exercises with your teeth as well. Teeth exercises not only help you to keep your teeth healthy but they also help you to keep your teeth straight.

Following the routine of exercising your teeth can help you significantly with the straightening process. We will now take you through some of the exercises that can help you to straighten your teeth.

Incremental Exercise

There are different common orthodontic problems like an under-bite, teeth crowding, abnormal eruption, excessive spacing, and teeth straightening that can be fixed through exercises.

The incremental exercise is a simple exercise that helps you to straighten your teeth slowly and gradually and as a result, also helps you to control how you smile. The procedure that needs to be followed for this exercise includes sitting in front of the mirror with a relaxed face and lips.

After that, you need to stretch the corners of your mouth to the sides in a way that your lips don’t open. You have to hold this for a minimum of 10 seconds. Then expand your mouth laterally with the parts of lips exposing the edge of your teeth for a minimum of 10 seconds.

After this, you need to smile and hold your teeth for another second.  This process needs to be done multiple times before the impact starts to occur on your teeth.

Tongue Thrusting Exercise

Another exercise that is quite beneficial for straightening teeth is none other than tongue thrusting. The exercise of tongue thrusting is done by pushing the tongue forward between the lower and the upper teeth when you are about to swallow.

The proper positioning of the tongue is very important when you are trying to do the tongue thrusting exercise.

Without proper positioning, there will be no use of this exercise. You need to place a small orthodontic rubber band on the tip of your tongue and then press it against the gum in the top of the mouth that is behind your upper front teeth.

You need to bite your teeth in a regular bite and don’t have to bite forward. The lips need to apart during this whole exercise so that the exercise can be performed without any pain. This particular exercise is difficult to do at the start but once you get hold of it, then you can easily perform it without much pain and it will help you to remove gums from your teeth and straighten your teeth without the use of braces.


We have heard a lot about yoga that it can help us to reduce stress and we remain calm when we are doing yoga. But what people have not told us yet is that yoga also helps us to improve our overall dental health.

Not only is yoga helpful for removing floss and gums from your teeth but it also helps to straighten your teeth over a period of time. the benefits of yoga are not only about your mental health but also on your dental health.

The forward bend poses that you perform in yoga helps you with healthy saliva production while a proper posture can align your teeth by not pushing out your jaw.

Other Tips

While there are different exercises that one has to perform in order to ensure that the teeth remain straight, there are other tips and process that one can follow as well.

The first thing that you need to do is to improve the nutrition in order to straighten your teeth naturally. It can become extremely difficult to clean the teeth which can result in gum, cavities, and diseases this is why one has to think carefully what they are eating in order to ensure that they are not damaging their teeth.

The dentist also advise that people should stop sleeping on their stomach as inward pressure can cause overlapping of teeth. It is also said that thumb sucking or any other oral fixations should be avoided so that no pressure is created on your teeth.

This particular thing is extremely necessary for children as they such their thumbs the most.