Best Late Night Snacks

credit: shannon greenbaum – the-woes-of-late-night-snacking

Many have said that after 7pm meals are a bad idea.

Some even go as far to say that late night snacks are the reason why the bulge of your waist seems to stay. This age-old practice of refraining from eating after 7 must be one of the hardest habits to create. Especially if you are a night owl and 7pm for you is when the day is now beginning. Late night snacks become complicated when you have weight loss and gym goals.

You always have a concern about what should and should not be eaten in the pm. What can you consume that will not contradict your workout routine. Here are some good late night snack tips.

Go for something light.

Anywhere between 200-300 calories is in the safe zone. Nutritionist say that the moment you pass the 300 calorie mark it is no longer a snack but instead it is a full meal.

More protein than sugar.

Proteins are more filling as they take a longer time to be processed by the body. You can opt for boiled eggs as these will provide you with protein along with vitamins and minerals enriched in the egg yolk. A handful of nuts or sunflower seeds are additional options for protein. The nuts and seeds will also provide you with fibre further adding to your satiety. Pistachios in particular are a great nut option as statistics show that they have a low fat content and can aid in lowering your cholesterol.

High fibre, complex carbs.

Oatmeal has a low fat and calorie content in general.  Also oatmeal is complex carbohydrate which means that there will be a slow release of sugars into the bloodstream. This lowers your chances of weight gain. The high fibre content of oatmeal also gives you the feeling of fullness much sooner than other snack options.

Fruits are a good pick.

Apples, blueberries and strawberries are all good options for late night snacks. You can make them into an unsweetened shake or mix them with non-fat yogurt. Watermelon, cantaloupe and guavas are some other low-sugar fruits.

Water, water, water.

Sometimes when a hunger pain strikes you it really is a sign of dehydration. Try a glass of water if you awake at night with a sudden pang of hunger. If hunger ensues then you may try any of the other snack options we suggest.

Popcorn for crunchy cravings.

To feed your crunchy cravings you can try popcorn, preferably without butter and excess oils. Air popped popcorn is a good option. You may even try a small portion of baked sweet potato chips or baked kale chips.

Sleep an hour after.

Give your body some time to begin to digest the food while you are awake. Digestion while asleep is slower and lying down immediately after eating may promote heartburn, acid reflux and indigestion. Try completing some simple chores and keep a bit active before hitting the sack after your late night snack.

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