Best Workout Clothes – For Women

The Absolute Best Workout Clothes For Women

Contributing Author: Jessica Smith

More and more people these days, are opting to go to the gym to jump start their healthy living routine, and lifestyle. Gone are those days, when people used to wear almost anything to the gym. Of late, gym lovers, especially women, have become a little “extra” conscious about sweating in style.

In fact a greater variety of options are available when it comes to gym wear for women. It is now no longer en vogue that – they restricted to track-suits or tank tops alone. In fact, that now seems so much more boring.

Why not consider looking for tips to style yourself up for the gym? Some changes are not as expensive as you may think.

We have brought you a fantastic guide to achieve that dream gym look. You can try a few mix and match combinations as well.

  1. Leggings

Leggings are a must-have in every fitness wardrobe. The legging fabric matters as much as the look. The ideal clothing stuff for gym apparel must be sweat-wicking, besides it should fit you well. Looking good also leads to feeling good. The type of exercises you undertake also have a crucial say in your gym apparel. Your clothes should preferably be stretchable with medium to high compression.

However, if your workout session involves running or cycling, your clothes must not be loose enough to get entangled in your feet or pedals of the cycle. A body-hugging legging or running-pants can be a good choice in such a case.


For activities such as Pilates, a pair of capri pants that is stretchable and fitted at the same time is perfect. Similarly, if you are up for an indoor spin workout session, you should choose a pair of leggings that are super-breathable.

2. Tank Tops

Pairing something suitable with the right pair of leggings or pants is not that difficult. A lot of options are available depending on the type of exercise you do. If you are into some high-intensity workout resulting in an extraordinary sweat level, you can opt for a tank top with sheer back.

A form-fitting customized t-shirt can be your go-to option if you hate tank tops for any reason.

In case it becomes uncomfortable for you to wear fitted tops or tank tops, you can even wear a double layered sports top made of moisture-wicking material. Anything you wear must not be too fitted or too loose. It must be breathable and should not act as a distraction.

You should avoid cotton shirts or t-shirts to the gym. As cotton is a sweat-absorbent material, it does not let it evaporate. The sweat keeps lurking around leading to irritation and bacterial infections. You should make sure that your tank tops, sweatshirts or gym t-shirts are moisture-wicking.

3. Sweatshirts- Yay or Nay?

Sweatshirts have always been ladies’ all-time favorites. Be it a casual morning jog or a meditation session on a foggy morning, women tend to wear them a lot! And why shouldn’t they? Sweatshirts are the most comfortable after all and they look classy. On the other hand now, are they comfortable or suitable for high-intensity workout sessions?

It is a proven fact that sweatshirts help you sweat more while keeping you germ-free. More the sweat, more your body gets detoxified and greater the benefit of the workout session. So, yes sweatshirts can be a cool option for your gym sessions. However, do make sure that the stuff is not extra moisture absorbing.

4. Undergarments

Lastly, you should be wearing the right set of undergarments to elevate your look. A wrong bra can keep your breasts bouncy making it extremely uncomfortable for you to workout. You should invest in a decent sports bra – again made of a moisture-wicking fabric to assist you in the workout. The bra must be able to hold your girls in place so that they don’t pain later.

Similarly, rather than hitting the gym in a pair of grandma undies, consider wearing a pair of seamless thongs with a wide waistband. You may even try athletic boy shorts! They are known for surviving even the toughest of workouts with ease, without causing any discomfort.

Thus, these were some of the best tips and ideas for hitting the gym in style.

End of the day, your gym apparel must be classy and comfortable. If you need to venture out of the top brands to achieve that, you must not hesitate! Define a style statement of your own and make others follow it.

Sweat in style! Good luck.

Contributing Author Bio: Jessica Smith – is a working mom and a passionate writer. She believes in having a personal style and has been involved with custom t-shirt designing at Stuart Sign Store for some time now. She enjoys writing about the latest fashion and lifestyle trends all around the globe. Through her writing, she hopes to influence as many people as possible to help them confidently embrace a fashion-forward lifestyle.

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