Boutique Fitness

So you’ve been hearing about this newer type of fitness trend around the place. In fact some of our readers may have experienced it already. What is the big deal about boutique fitness?

Well as the name suggests – it is a niche where the experience is for small groups and almost feels like that nice space between one-on-one with a personal trainer and groupie enough for others to share in the pain and the gain. When you think about it, boutique fitness is small enough to be intimate and still trendy as a group – fun and intense as a well that you feel as if you’ve gotten your money’s worth. This is also to mention the euphoria that you get from the entire experience.

More and more research is showing why boutique fitness studios are beneficial. Persons prefer to walk shorter and shorter distances nowadays or to drive short distances just to get the workout they need. Short distances on average seems to be around 10 minutes or less. Hence that’s one of the reasons boutique fitness has survived.

Some boutique fitness studios will focus only on just a limited range of exercise formations, which may happen to be the favorite one of those persons who patronize. Others focus on that personal feel and cozy atmosphere where you don’t have to worry about the clinical feel of a sizable gym, and you don’t have to feel like you are competing with all those gym buffs. Of course, some boutique gyms cater to only a certain clientele anyways and the size of the groups will not be in the mass market.

Recently having had a chat in our groups, we also discovered that boutique gyms have become so defined that they cater now to specialized reasons.

We found that the boutique studios, cater to those who are for example:

  • Pregnant
  • Post Pregnancy & New Moms
  • Preparing to get into that Wedding Dress
  • Seniors
  • Stay-at-home Parents
  • Freelancers and Entrepreneurs
  • Trendy & Trend-setters

This is just to name a few…

What may also be contributing to the growth of these boutique studios is that they inevitably have that relationship where clients feel like a person rather than a number. They at times even act like a support group. Nothing wrong with that…participants may gain even better results overall.

Any benefits?

Individual Attention – we have small groups, therefore any mistakes or emerging habits can be corrected sooner.

You Perform Better – Due to that individual attention – There will be the tendency to reach our optimum as the push of the personal trainer as well as the group dynamics mean that you inevitably do more.

Class Timing – Because of the small size of the group, this also means that the opportunity o have a bit of flexibility in time can arise. Its less of what the bigger gyms may be able to do.

Range – Of course we have the usual cardio and strength training exercise, but it can be modified as well to infuse fun stuff like yoga and ballet as well as aerobics and dancercise and even kick-boxing.

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