You Are Burnt-Out

There are times when the feeling of extreme exhaustion and lack of motivation takes over…

But!!! You brush it off…believing that it will be gone the next day.

Tomorrow comes and that drained feeling is still there, so what could be causing this exhaustion and low mood?

Maybe you can ask yourself these few questions:

  1. Am I feeling drained and is it a struggle to go to work and get your work day started?
  2. Am I impatient with my co-workers, customers or clients?
  3. What has changed: Sleep patterns? Appetite? (increased or decreased)
  4. Do I feel little satisfaction from my work?

I’ll give you just two minutes to digest this…However if you have truthfully answered any of the questions above, and the answers were “Yes“, then you may be experiencing what is known as ‘Burnout’. Burnout is a state of emotional and physical exhaustion resulting from ongoing stress or frustration. It is often linked to doubts about competence and the value of your work. This burnout may happen for varied reasons, particularly since we are all different, and react differently even though we are faced with the same situations.



This sometimes occurs without us seeing the landmarks. Work overload is like the constant working with a goal of success somewhere in mind and not realizing that our bodies are becoming exhausted. We sometimes do this as over-achievers, and ignore the warning signs which pop up. Think about you driving a car at 80 km per hour and then a red light goes off on the dashboard, but you ignore it and try to go for another 75 miles. Imagine what’ll happen…


Lack of Development

Some persons respond poorly when they are not feeling challenged by their current job. In other words, the Human Resource specialists would call this a low job satisfaction. As such, this can also lead to a form of stress. What further leads to burnout is that these persons may feel as if they are being under-appreciated. This also leads to neglect…This may then be considered the opposite of the over-worked individual.

Well the obvious question would be: How do we manage burnout?

Based on our experience with persons who have been through this, one or more of the following may be used in order to overcome the burnout. Be mindful, that what combination may work for one individual may need to be a different combination for you.

Learn how to say “No” – Too much on your plate drains your energy levels. If you don’t say no, then your body will do it for you eventually. It makes sense to imagine delegating whatever the job is to another person or at another time.

Downtime – Choose some ‘ME’ time during the day, to do something that relaxes you e.g. Meditation, listening to music, taking a walk or turning off Wi-Fi for an hour or two. Just plain do NOTHING…

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Stop being a Perfectionist! – Setting impossible daily or weekly goals is a sure recipe for ‘Burnout’. Avoid doing this as it promotes a feeling of being unproductive and can leave you in a low mood.

Change location – This tip is also critical for self-employed people and those who find themselves in front of their laptop for hours, trying to do as much as possible to keep the business going. Productivity doesn’t always have to happen at the work desk. Where possible go out to a café, a park or a different space for a change of scenery and new inspiration. The change in stimuli will also help, and can even spark some creativity.

Break down goals – Aim to make goals smaller and more manageable by breaking them into smaller bits that can be achieved. This also releases the pressure of having to complete one major task in a short space of time.

Avoid or manage burnout by being productive, maintaining good energy levels, eat healthy and exercise regularly for optimum well-being. Also, remember we’re not perfect…and just roll with the punches.

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