Cramps Be Gone

Calf Muscle Cramp

You know it is a nice and intense workout session when the sweat is streaming down your face, neck and back.

When you have zero energy left but you still have 2 sets of box jumps and bur-pees to go. The worst thing that can happen next is cramp! Cramp is a pain in the butt or anywhere else really. This sharp and intense pain is caused by involuntarily contracted muscle that usually refuses to relax. If the fatigue caused by the intense workout didn’t disable you the cramps certainly will. The good news is there are some steps you can take to relieve or prevent their occurrence.


Exercise and Stretch

Strangely enough, stretching and mild exercise is sometimes what the doctor recommends. Exercises and stretches can be done periodically throughout the day to prevent the cramps from occurring.  If you often experience leg cramps for example, then you should try stretching your leg muscles about three times a day. However, in the event of an actual cramp you should also try to stretch the affected muscle in addition to massaging it to relieve the involuntarily contracted muscle.


Safe salt levels

Low salt levels in the blood can also influence the frequency of cramps you experience. The sodium in salt is one of the electrolytes which controls the contractions of muscles. At times your electrolyte levels, sodium and calcium included, may be too low resulting in flawed nerve impulses and this then triggers cramps in your muscles. It is therefore best that you maintain a healthy quantity of salt in your diet. Salt however is not the only thing required to encourage electrolyte balance in the body. Your diet must also contain potassium, calcium and magnesium.


Visit a doctor.

Persistent cramping may be a sign of a deeper issue than low salt levels or even dehydration. Cramps may occur because of high levels of toxins in the body. This toxin build up could be stemming from metal or other poisoning or from complications with your liver.  In some cases, even complications with the nerves may result in cramps.

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