Depressed? Try These

We know of that ONE person who feels dejected and are going through a bit of bad patch and in a poor mood.

Sometimes its just that the sadness and miserable spot that we are in may drain us mentally and physically. For those persons with very very mild depression or with those feelings of sadness there is hope.There is some form of exercise or movement that can help.

The primary goal of exercise is muscular contraction. Exercises have profound effect on our well-being, whether physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Many times when we get down-in-the-dumps, because of various circumstances that life throws at us, we need that little bit of boost. One sure fire way to help deal with depression and climb out is to try some sort of exercise. Exercise releases adrenaline which regulates our anger and frustration levels.

Sometimes it takes just getting that negative energy out of our system as well. One of the easy ways to help with our depression is to sweat it out. It’ll also enhance our overall lifestyle. If we are now going to curb saying that we have no time for exercise, then we can say that it takes 150 minutes of exercise per week to improve sugar levels, reduce body fat and the risk of lifestyle diseases – obesity, diabetes etc.

What are the best exercises?

Answer: The best exercise is the one we are going to do daily.

Lets us look at some exercises that benefit our well-being, and can assist with our depression.

  1. Yoga:

India was a land of sages and rishis who practiced yoga as a way of life. Yoga has gained world-wide popularity owing to the multiple benefits that it has to offer. Yoga has been known to calm mind through the practice of body stillness. The yoga directs the breath, and mind, to move inwards. It also trains the senses to listen to the intelligence of both, (mind and breathing). Yoga has the power to give you a new direction. You understand what temptation is and you begin to respect your body like never before. Yoga is much more than cardio and weight training which gives you a sense of responsibility towards your body. There are about 84 forms of asanas (positions) in yoga.  Thinking of practicing Yoga?

  1. Zumba:

This form of exercise includes a form of dancing to good music beats say like calypso, soca or reggae and it is a complete work out sessions. Zumba also includes other elements like “strengthening and body toning”. A different kind of work out, if you love music/to dance. Zumba is usually more fun as a group activity, and what better way to boost your mood and climb out of depression. It is also a good social activity. With great choreography even for those who “can’t dance” – Zumba boosts your energy level, and the effects are felt for up to three days. A good choreographer is always loved and Zumba work outs leaves you pumped.


  1. Jogging/Cardio/Gym/Swimming:

Different people have different choices and they find their happiness in their own beloved form of working out. If you still haven’t found one, then you must try one. We must have one hobby that will keep us fit. Do it regularly, just 30 minutes every three or so days – sweat and get your your adrenaline pumping. You’ll see your life improving because 80% of the problems we create are created by overthinking!


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