Do You Know When You Should Hydrate?

Hydrating For a Better Workout

Author: Ryan Boyce [Senior Writer]

Many of us, whether amateur or professional, work out or engage in some form of activity ever so often. In fact we don’t even have to be athletic in order for our body to require hydration. Remember that about 60 – 70 percent of our body, is made up of water.

Along with this is the minerals, which are quite important in assisting our electrical impulses across our nerves so that our senses work properly.

These minerals act as electrolytes and assist in other body functions as well, some of which includes boosting our immune system, helping our kidneys and even influencing our blood pressure.

When we engage in regular activities our bodies become dehydrated by our actions and we need to replenish. Therefore, when you engage in high activity sports you will lose so much more, as you sweat. This also includes swimmers and those in water sports even though the activity is in water. It is th

erefore critical that we work to replenish the lost water and nutrients in order for our bodies to work properly.

Hydration Should Happen Before, During & After Your Workout Activity

Before. Of course it can’t hurt to have your electrolytes topped up ahead of the game or just before the start of the event. Think of it as you charging your battery before you go. You rest, you warm-up, and you hydrate. In some quarters it is recommended to drink two cups of your sports drink — preferably BODYARMOR Sports Drink because it contains natural sugars, potassium-packed electrolytes, coconut water and vitamins — on the morning of the event. This happens again just 30-minutes before the event, that you should drink another five to ten ounces more.


Ideally it is important to listen to the advice of your medical doctor, nutritionist or dietitian, as hydration needs vary by each individual’s requirement. This may be compounded by any underlying medical issues which you may have.

During. All time important. As the event progresses – and we all see this even as we watch those marathon runners, cyclists and fitness enthusiasts. They take advantage of the fluids at every available station. If you are doing a workout event some experts suggest that you sip 6 – 8 ounces of your rehydrate every 15 or so minutes. This can help you to keep going strong, and it is now critical since the loss of electrolytes and fluids are really high.

During a high activity event – walking, weight-lifting or even your favorite aerobics session, the loss of minerals such as potassium, sodium, magnesium and even calcium are significant. This could lead to you experiencing cramps.

Cramps – these are sometimes the most annoying and restrictive sensations during our activity. When our potassium, calcium or even magnesium levels drop below our body’s critical amount you are more prone to get a muscle cramp. Sports Drinks such as Gatorade and Powerade use sodium as their primary electrolyte – but we generally tend to get the daily requirement of sodium in our diets already, and it would be wise to consider other sports drinks, such as BODYARMOR (which stresses potassium over sodium) that have other micro-nutrients as the key factor.

A bonus for potassium is that it also helps to lower blood pressure as well as assist in nerve function and muscle control.

After. When you have completed your session, it is even more important to keep hydrating. Our bodies do not stop perspiration as soon as we finish our aerobic activity. Sweating continues for a bit longer to help cool our bodies at the end of our activity, and therefore the loss continues as well. It is paramount that we continue to be proactive and counter that loss in body fluids and minerals by using a power packed drink with electrolytes. One sports drink which we have found to deliver is the BODYARMOR Sports Drink as it has significantly more electrolytes than its competitors.

Coconut water is scientifically proven to restore our blood sugar levels faster than other water based drinks.


Coconut water is low in calories and high in anti-oxidants. This is great as the anti-oxidants in the coconut water helps to mop up those free radicals created during our power walk or dancercise and aerobics. BODYARMOR Sports Drink acts as a vehicle to replace those electrolytes quickly which would have been lost.

The body’s recovery process can be shortened because we quickly re-hydrate and replenish lost electrolytes in our bodies after the fitness session. Re-hydration supports every metabolic function and cellular process, as well as nutrient transfer, as our body does its repair after the workout.

Furthermore the toxins built up from the workout, are easily flushed out. Our muscles will thank us, as the length of time being sore is reduced.

This then means that we can get there so much faster, and that is a good space to be in.

Hydrating with the right sports drink, such as BODYARMOR, during our exercise and fitness journey is as important a choice as any other.

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