Do You Wear Your Make-up When You Work Out?

Written by: Gordon Delard

Often enough we know that while we do a physical workout session, we are not in our most visually appealing self image. Of course there are the clothing and brand to go with whatever session whether it is pilates or jogging or even yoga. When you think about it though, we do a work-out to look and feel good, and this is often after a few weeks or months of fitness, but – What about looking good now?

A common advice any dermatologist will give out in regards to wearing make-up while working out is “it’s bad for your skin”. They usually go on to further explain that when you exercise, the sweat always mixes with the makeup that forms a sludgy mix which can also block your pores.

This mixture of sludge creates more oil as well as salts onto your pores. Often, the bacteria living in skin pores feed off on this mix which then multiply and later lead to acne. In addition, these clogged pores may lead to itching as well as a red and bumpy heat rash commonly known as miliaria, the look it creates normally doesn’t look good for your skin.


Good news, today there are new crop of makeups that are designed to alleviate all your gym-going as well as makeup-wearing concerns. they are oil-free products which are formulated to be worn as you work out. Though, it won’t be the same as a full face makeup as if you’re going out but that enough to enable you go out for a glass of wine after a workout without worrying of your makeup smearing everywhere.

Today’s makeup products have evolved to accommodate even those having acne prone skin, they are also less likely to clog our skin pores. Best of all they are workout-proof as well as working out friendly makeup, and that means that we can still look good while doing our fitness session.

Here are a few tips on how to manage your makeup while working out…

1. Wear oil-free foundation

When you are exercising, your makeup wears off due to a lot of sweating. Therefore, during your workout, you should put on oil-free products to let your skin breathe. Oil-based products often blocks your pores and trap the sweat which are under the makeup that later may cause it to smear or even cause skin irritation resulting to one or more zit.

2. Hydrate your skin

It is essential to hydrate your skin since it loses a lot of water while you sweat.Therefore that means – drink lots of water. Just so we can take away that blandness of the water, a simple squeeze of lime or orange peel can make a difference. Remember – electrolytes are also very important here.

3. Use power blush to give some color to your checks.

When you workout, your cheeks will sweat significantly, therefore to give some color to your checks; swipe on a powder-blush which contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These two ingredients makes the formula to be naturally water-resistant and it also provide sun protections from UV-rays. Often, many cream blushes tend to contain oil that can clog your pores and later cause breakouts to your skin. Read your labels carefully, and also consult your dermatologist.

4. Use a tinted sunscreen when exercising outdoors

For those who like exercising outdoors, you can use a tinted sunscreen rather than foundation. These products are good at multitasking, as they will protect your skin generally from the harmful UV-rays. Further to this they provide coverage in-case you have any imperfections as well as help you to moisturize your skin. We liked this double advantage.

5. Use a concealer to cover up your pimples/blemishes

Sometimes a pimple might have popped out or you have few blemishes to cover-up. You can use a concealer which contains blemish-blasting salicylic acids. This will help you conceal and heal those blemishes/pimples at the same time. In addition, there will be no need for you to wear a full-face of foundation to try cover those few imperfections, concealer will handle all that for you! Taaaa…Daaa…

6. Wear water-proof Mascara

It is never a good look when Mascara is running down your face when you’re working out. It is essential to make sure that the formula that you are coating your eye-lashes with are waterproof. Remember as you workout you may sweat and you want your Mascara to still be in place. This characteristic of being water-proof enables your Mascara to stay put through your workout session and after.

7. Tint your lips

It’s obvious you want to look gorgeous even when you’re working out, therefore, you don’t have to wear an obvious lipstick to the gym. If you do want to tint your lips a little bit…then the best tip is to coat them using a lip stain which will not rub off and should not be too intense. Just a bit more than a nude color, and yep it will not budge and it isn’t too pigmented.

8. Set the Makeup

You should have a face spray for pre and post-workout. They help keep your oil-free makeup as they are/in place while you workout. In addition, they help you to cool off after your workout as it also rehydrates your dehydrated skin.

If you are working out – you might as well look gorgeous while doing it!