Exercise vs Fat Freezing


You should get to know the difference between exercise and fat freezing?

As new fads and campaigns emerge each and every day, we come across the next best thing that is recommended for gaining a slim and trim body. Ideally we should all go in knowing just a little bit on our own even if we have to then seek expert advice a bit later.

Do you know how exercising works for you, to achieve weight loss?

Despite being a traditional method to lose weight its fashion never fades, and guess what it is still being used currently – worldwide. Here is a way in which exercise helps you achieve your fitness goal.


There are cells in our bodies which act to store fats which we gain from consumed foods. This stored fat acts as an energy supply during times of exercise. The extra food or calories which we consume and that can’t be utilized immediately by the body end up in our fat cells. This over time can consistently lead to weight gain.

The fat cells in the body that store fats are never worn away, they only increase in size and sometimes reduce depending on the amounts of the calories consumed and the exercise. During exercise, the stored fats are
burned down and the enlarged cells shrink reducing the body size.


Fat freezing also helps you to reduce your weight but in a different style. Don’t get mixed up on these, someone may need to remove the fat cells on the body. How would weigh be lost? To use a medical terminology removal of fat cells is known as Crylipolysis.

Fat cells that swell on excess calories are destroyed using very low temperatures that they cannot withstand.The body would then absorb and remove the dead fat cells.


Which way do you find it better yourself to reduce your weight? Is it exercise or fat freezing? Fat freezing may not be the best solution some of us can use. Even if fat freezing is done to lower the number of fat cells still the change will be minimal.

Exercise does not harm your body and your body fitness is maintained at its best working level since the weight loss technique is not invasive.

Get to know this benefits of exercise over fat freezing technique:

  • Your muscles and the bones will function well since the protein intake route is well kept.
  • Exercise will increase the energy level of your body if done regularly. If you are experiencing a fatigue that is consistent do
    regularly exercise your body will not reduce but also your energy levels will rise. Fat freezing lacks this significantly…
  • Any physical activity will minimize the chance of you getting chronic diseases. Does fat freezing reduce the risk of you getting chronic diseases? The answer is no, this technique may destroy some other cells on the process and cause other problems instead. Exercise balances your fat levels as well as sugar levels.
  • Exercise will help you promote the health of your skin and thus oxidative stresses are minimized contrary to fat freezing that requires some penetrations through your skin.
  • Your cardiovascular system will be functioning well if physical exercise is performed daily, the heart will be performing its pumping action with ease. The fat freezing technique only works to reduce your body weight.
  • Your blood circulation in the body will be effective and thus any risk associated it poor bad circulation will be avoided on doing the regular exercises.
  • Your mental health will be boosted since there will be a supply of enough blood to the brain by the pumping action of the heart.

It is very clear that to improve overall health, exercise is more than necessary, as well as that of the well-balanced meal that should be taken on a daily basis.

Fat freezing works but its results take some time to appear and guess what – obesity cannot be solved using this technique.