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Some persons are fortunate enough to have a buttocks which easily compliments their latest outfit, whereas others struggle just to have a firm enough butt that persons would offer a cursory glance. Meanwhile the remaining persons may have just probably given up and accepted a that their rear-end will sag. However, which ever category we may fall within, we can at the end of the day try our best to enhance our butts. In order to do this, we must at least have some understanding that our bottoms are not made up of only fat or fatty tissue, but there are some muscle in there as well.

The butt is made up of:

  • Fat – Some fatty tissue
  • Gluteal Muscle Group – 1) Gluteus Maximus; 2) Gluteus Medius & 3) Gluteus Minimus

These all work together and in effect – they are classed as the most powerful muscle group within the body. This is important because this region is what makes movement of the thigh and hips, as we well as providing each of us the ability to stand erectly in position, crouching or even ascend the stairs or to rise from sitting. To add an accent to this by making it firmer we can do a few things…

Single leg foot elevated hip thrust  – This is will cause a bit of sensation in the butt when first attempting to perform this exercise. Of course over time, then it becomes a bit more comfortable and the number of reps will have to be increased as the muscle group will continually get stronger.

How to? – You will need either a bench or a strong box to support your feet

  • Lie on the floor facing upwards (back on floor)
  • Knees bent and place feet on the bench or box or similar device
  • Start by lifting one leg off the box into the air (suspended)
  • Now, push your hips upward into the air, while keeping that leg suspended in the air (Your back and abs will also respond and move)
  • Pause in the air for a few seconds and then slowly return to the ground (Be mindful to start slowly if this is a new exercise for you..)
  • You can then repeat this motion a few times – (lets say for about 5-7 times for newbies and a little more for the more experienced)
  • Then return the leg suspended in the air to a rest position
  • This exercise is now repeated, with the other leg now being suspended

You can sure to engage a certified fitness professional if you are uncertain of the recommended individual reps that you need. The objective initially is to start slowly at first then building up the number of reps.

Seated Hip Abduction/MovementIn this form, you’ll need to a resistance band, and a chair

  • Sit on the chair in a neutral position – [Not all the way back but more center to front edge of the chair]
  • Feet shoulder width apart
  • Place/Wrap the resistance band around the calves – Tension = zero
  • The hands may then be crossed over the chest or placed on the hips
  • Push the knees outwards against the resistance band as far out as possible
  • Hold position of a few seconds and then return to the start position
  • This may be now done for newbies 5 – 7 times and a bit more for those who are already experienced in this movement.

Note: With your torso you may 1) lean forward slightly, 2) remain upright or 3) lean back just slightly, being mindful to keep the spine in as neutral a position as possible. Either which position is taken – the abdominal muscles will have some impact here as well.

These can easily be done in the comfort of our homes as well, and many persons can include this as part of their daily exercise routine. Of course over time they will enhance the buttocks, while still contributing to our fitness levels.

The Squat – A third, and much more familiar routine which can be done diet.mayoclinic.orgwithout the need for any expensive gym equipment is the squat. This can have the variation of including some simple hand weights just to add to the routine. Therefore both our buttocks and abs again benefit and we can still get a little bit of cardio too.

  • Standing in an upright position – feet shoulder width apart (spine in a neutral position)
  • Slowly pushing your hips back as if you are about to take a seat
  • The weight of this movement should be felt in the heels, planting them firmly into the ground
  • Keep the movement going down until there is a 90 degree angle between the upper body and the thighs
  • Hold this position for a few seconds – push your butt as far back as possible
  • Slowly return to the upright position – without moving the heels or feet (still planted firmly)
  • Repeat this movement/routine for a few times – As easy start can be (8-10 times) x (3 sets)

In this instance – be sure not to slouch while doing the exercise, additionally it also means that you should roll your shoulders back so that your chest has full “open” range. DO NOT LEAN FORWARD – as this will compromise the exercise, and reduce the effect on your buttocks.

Research also suggests that the impact of having a rounder and more firmer buttocks can also enhance sex appeal, possibly due to the human instinct of attraction leading to the mating process. Additionally doing these form of strengthening exercises can have a significant impact on the joints such as knees and ankles. Inevitably as the focus is on our rear-end, there is ripple effect of keeping the supporting joints well in shape, this is always good news as we can see this contributing to our managing ageing process in the joints.

There is also significant emerging evidence that back pain is reduced since the surround areas of the gluteal  muscles such as the lower back will also be strengthened. In women the benefit of this shows that it also helps regulate their monthly flow, more so to the balancing of hips-to-waist ratios. This emerging research shows that women with irregular menstrual cycles have shown improved when they do these few exercises.

At the end of the day – there are still several benefits of enhancing the buttocks with exercise…

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