Five Tips To Improve Nail Health

Nails add beauty to a woman’s look. Long & Healthy Nails speak about the proper nutritional diet & a healthy lifestyle. Grooming is an art which requires effort & it is definitely worth the time & energy. Regular manicure & pedicure are sometimes not enough to maintain healthy nails. Before getting to know regular tips to care for nails, lets get to know a few things about nails…

Fun Facts About Nails

  • Nails are dead cells made from Keratin- a protein made from dead cells & that is why it doesn’t hurt when you cut them.
  • They tend to grow at the nail’s proximal end under epidermis, which is the living part of the nail that is responsible for its growth.
  • Nail can grow upto 3mm per month on an average and interestingly, nails grow faster in summer than any other season.

Make sure to utilize our tips to maintain healthy nails.

Nutrition can impact the growth of the nails to a great extent. A diet poor in Vitamin A & Vitamin B-12 can lead to fragile nails, darkened nails, brittleness & at times dryness. Since your nail is made up of protein, make sure that the diet you take is rich in proteins. Hence, a balanced diet is crucial to maintain good lengthy nails.


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Taking Care of Your Nails

  1. Massage your nails with olive oil and lemon juice to spur growth of the nails.
  2. Frequently using acetone can dry your nails and also make them brittle. Minimize the application of the acetone. However, adding some lemon juice and olive oil to acetone can reduce the nail dryness from acetone.
  3. Dipping nails in vinegar or lemon juice before going to bed. This activity strengthens the nail & also aids a faster growth of the nail.
  4. Several persons complain about rough and hard toe nails. Dipping them in warm water for 10 minutes can soften the hard toe nails. By just adding a few drops of Hydrogen Peroxide to the same warm water helps remove dirt and also cleans the nails.
  5. Clipping nails straight with the nail clipper and rounding off the edges with a file (emory board) is the best way to grow the nails and also shape them.


If not comfortable – seek a professionally qualified manicurist or podiatrist who can assist by using tools like manicure scissors or fingernail clippers properly. If used incorrectly they may increase the risk of ingrown toenails because of their small, curved shape.

Good lengthy nails makes your hand look beautiful & longer (a pro for girls having a small palm). These tips do not make your nails grow over night, it takes time & effort.

The effort is going to be worthwhile – especially if you start your nail grooming regime today!

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