For Women 40 & Over…

For Women 40 Over…

As a woman in your forties, we appreciate your growing apprehension towards taking better care of your body.

When it comes to physical abilities, it is rightly said, “Either use it, or lose it.”. Here we are, bringing you some simple and straight-forward techniques for exercising everyday. These forms will not only make you feel and look young, but also help your body scare off some common health problems that may come knocking.

At least we know they will come but if we can delay some of the negative and debilitating issues which our bodies face then lets go for it.

1. Start your day with some gentle Yoga exercises.

It has been found that even 10 minutes of simple yogic exercises each day could bring you towards a healthier lifestyle. Some exercises we would definitely recommend for you are: Side Leans, Side Planks, Mountain Poses and Standing Warrior pose.

Having trouble concentrating at something? Has your body movement really become limited these days? Not to worry, these exercises are really good for stress reduction as well as giving your muscles some good conditioning to last through the day!

2. Strength training exercise with a chair.

Strength training boosts your energy, giving you a chance to counter exhaustion in day to day chores. And what more? It is really simple to do them too, you only need a chair.

Some of these include:
* Bent rows– works your upper back and arms.
* Rocker Squat– works your calf, butt and thigh muscles.

One simple movement is the use of the chair to do a dip and crunch. This is where you can start out by sitting on a chair with both feet on the floor. From the usual sitting position, the hands are then placed on the edge of the chair just beside the hips and fingers pointing forward. Once secured, the butt is then moved to forward to the edge of the chair, so it is just in front of the chair. From here the butt is now lowered slowly towards the floor and this starts the dip. On return to the starting position one of the knees is lifted to the chest and this is now the crunch. When the motion is repeated the alternate knee is used.

3. Lastly, get creative.

It’s easy to fall into a regular workout routine which can be very good for your body, but by taking up a new activity, say a regular dance class, or a 15-minute bicycle tour around a route of your liking everyday can do wonders for your metabolism. That said, they are also less monotonous than your daily exercises and way more fun to boost your enthusiasm.

Begin your new enjoyable fitness regime today, as there are some subtle changes which are occurring that will need attention. Some of the motivators to keep active and look after your body as you go beyond age 40, are that:

  •  Metabolic Rate starts to slow down – This happens at a rate of about 2% ever decade
  • At age 40, muscles loss is about 6  to 7 pounds compared to when you were turning 30
  • Stress levels tend to be higher around this age due to things such as Kids, Health, Career, Finances etc.
  • Depression – The chances are higher here…

Therefore, now is still enough time to manage your fitness routine effectively.

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