Have Some Yogurt

Yogurt is a sweet dairy product which is gains popularity everyday.

This wonder is labelled as a probiotic, having some live cultures(bacteria) that promotes the growth of the good bacteria usually present in our intestines. It is important that the label says “live/active cultures” in order to gain the benefit. Yogurt is the only dairy product which persons can use if they are suffer from Lactose Intolerance, as it is believed to solve the lactose intolerance problems.

Yogurt comes from milk, giving persons an adequate does of animal protein, vitamins and also some potassium and magnesium. Having a bowl of yogurt has been found to generally help if one suffers from Diarrhea, Constipation, Acidity (Reflux), Food Poisoning and a few other stomach related issues. Yogurt is one of the most beneficial dairy products around, as it may assist in reducing the risk of colon cancer or even irritable bowel syndrome.

Yogurt may have a positive impact on those suffering with high blood pressure, and in some cases, act to help lower the risk.  in her article highlighted that ” Research presented at the American Heart Association’s High Blood Pressure 2012 Scientific Sessions suggests that consuming yogurt may help to lower your risk of developing hypertension…” This seemed to hold true for those who consumed yogurt at least five times per week. Remember the fat-free or low fat version would be ideal in this case.

Is that Yogurt on your face?

There is lactic acid found in yogurt, and lactic acid is used often in some of those “chemical skin peels” which can be pricey at times. However the more low-cost yogurt on the face can help in evening out the complexion. This holds true as it gently exfoliates the epidermis in the top layers. This means that those blemishes and bits of discolorations and fine wrinkles can be worked on, with that “mask” of yogurt for about 20 minutes on the face. Maybe with some olive oil mixed in and then rinsed and pat gently.

Looking to lose a bit of weight?

With the right nutritional guidance, yogurt can be included as part of your fat loss program. Even though it should not be the “sole” food source in protein and calcium, having included this in weight loss loss is important. The benefits will be seen as it may assist the metabolic rate and the breakdown of the food consumed, the fact that you may feel “fuller” a bit longer can also lead to a reduction in overall food intake and subsequent “caloric” intake. The protein provides energy as well which you will use to burn during the exercise program. This is also good to help in the post work-out recovery.

Calcium Rich

  • Yogurt is rich in Calcium- an important mineral required by the bones and  the teeth, and particularly helpful if you are suffering from osteoporosis.

Have some yogurt if you are suffering from Diabetes, and if you are a woman, then its additional benefit of protecting you from vaginal infection will be extra helpful. Diabetic women are prone to vaginal yeast infection due to rise in the pH level. Some women apply the yogurt in treating vaginal yeast infections as well as bacterial infections, and this has had some positive benefits. In addition, the jury is still out on treating urinary tract infections.

Having a cup of yogurt thrice a week can prove beneficial to you. Do let us know any additional benefits you may have derived from yogurt.

Top your yogurt with fresh cut fruits, and flax seeds to boost its nutritional content. Flax Seeds are rich in omega 3-fatty acids & fibre, which is beneficial for immunity, skin and hair…

Have some yogurt and you can thank us later.

Author: Akansha Dalmia

Food & Health Blogger- thewellbeingtalk.com

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