Healthy Ways to Increase Calories…

Today’s trend commonly drive us to reduce our calorie intake as it is geared towards the majority of our population. Why? It is because that majority of the population is over-weight and even obese in many instances.

However there are those groups of persons who get very little attention, and there is sometimes not very much information on what to do. Those persons fall into the under-weight category. How do you know if you are underweight?

Just a quick calculation using any of the widely accessible Body Mass Index (BMI) Apps can give us a broad indicator.

If your numbers have fallen below the 18.5 marker in BMI then you need to gain some weight. This is important since our bodies still need an optimum weight to function properly. This is usually more common in women and girls than it is in men.

Lets then look at those persons who are in that 18.5 BMI index marker…What do we do, to increase our caloric intake safely? This will also mean gaining weight safely…

  • Right after your workout session – Be sure to grab a replenishing meal, as our bodies are depending on this to rebuild. This can be in the form of a post workout protein shake or similar post workout meal. You must continue to make use of your work-out regime, if not the added mass becomes fat.
  • Even as recommended by your dietitian. Add fruits, yogurts, honey and similar foods.
  • We need to eat foods with complex carbohydrates and whole grains and such like.
  • Eat those healthy meals which are filled with unsaturated fats and lean proteins but are also nutrient dense. This could include for example – avocados, peanut butter hummus as well as lean meats, seafood low-fat dairy foods and even soy products.
  • Eat snacks throughout the day and be sure to count your calories intake. This is important as your body will need to have an input of calories which are higher than what you currently burn.

To effectively gain lean body weight, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends adding at least 200 extra calories to your meal plan each day. Furthermore if you increased your calories by about 500 or so per day, this will help you gain just around 1 pound per week.

The thing to consider is that this should be done in consultation with your dietitian and even medical practitioner. It is important to do so, as there may be some underlying reason that you are underweight. Additionally, gaining body mass too quickly is also unhealthy and can do more damage than good.