Hello! Aloe!

Slice of aloe vera (i.imgur.com)

Aloe Vera is considered one of those wonders which we can capitalize. This plant is used from shampoos, to creams and moisturizers and can even be used in supplements. It sometimes need to be said just as a reminder that there are a number of significant benefits which may be derived. However we must all be aware of that many times it is better to get this straight from the source rather than from a processed version which may be less potent. Fresh Aloe vera contains along with water, more than 75 nutrients and over 200 phyto-nutrients. There is also around 20 minerals , 18 amino acids and just around 12 vitamins.

Aloe Vera can help persons achieve active weight loss and can be a part of the entire solution helping persons to shed just a few pounds. An extract from Home Remedies for Life, gives easy examples of how to integrate the aloe vera into our regime. “ Aloe Vera with Honey. Add 1 tablespoon honey to a glass of Aloe Vera juice. Consume regularly to stimulate metabolism, promote proper digestion, and burn extra fat and calories.” Having consumed the aloe vera based on your pharmacist or nutritionist recommended dosage there are at least a few benefits that you are sure to pick up.

Improving metabolism

If your metabolism is enhanced, that is, it becomes more efficient and may actually speed up. This is as a result of phytosterols. Phytosterols help speed up how quickly we burn our food and as a result our we benefit with some weight reduction. This rate also can help with persons trying to manage their Body Mass Index (BMI).

Fat Loss

This wonder plant is also known to be jam packed with quite a few vitamins. These vitamins along with the phytosterols act to help our bodies burn those calories, and also to reduce the body fat.  The vitamins may include – Vitamins A, B Vitamins such as B1-B2-B6-B12 and some measure of vitamin C and E. Folic acid and also Niacin, are also on board and these all come together in the right mix to help burn those calories and assist in fat loss.

Sugar Glucose Levels

Our glucose levels are important. Even more so to control our glucose levels to the rate that our respective nutritionist or medical doctor says that it should be is ideal. We all at some point in time have a bit of trouble in this department, but popping some aloe vera may actually help. This super plant causes our body to keep our glucose levels in check, and this then leads to our body burning any excess stored fat. This is also good for those who are working on managing their insulin spikes as well, as it slows down the sugar absorption.  We therefore feel fuller for a much longer time. Feel full longer = Eating less

Other Considerations

Now in as with anything, each person’s body will tend to respond differently to the use of Aloe vera. Please be minded that this plant has some laxative properties, and excessive use of can be detrimental. Anything with laxative properties also means that there is loss in water, and this can tend to lead to dehydration if not properly managed. The use of this plant’s gel or capsule should also be within a specified time or as directed by an expert. There is also aloin in the plant, and if overdosed can cause toxicity.

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