How the Modern Day Nutritionist Can Better Connect with Patients with the Help of Telemedicine

How the Modern Day Nutritionist Can Better Connect with Patients with the Help of Telemedicine

Author: James Crook

Telemedicine has managed to shrink the vast distances that existed between patients and healthcare providers. Today, even the busiest people can access healthcare services, who had never done so, either due to their hectic schedules or a lack of interest.

Here, the key issue to understand is that many, if not most people underestimate the seminal importance of a well-balanced diet. For example, a diet rich in excess sugar, can lead to diabetes, while eating too much salt, can trigger blood pressure related issues. However, a good dietician or nutritionist can easily help you ensure that you get enough nutrients and stay healthy. This is where the new field of “Telenutrition” comes into the picture.

o   What is Telenutrition?

Basically, “Telenutrition involves the highly interactive use of electronic information as well as telecommunications technologies by a registered dietitian nutritionist to impose and implement high-quality nutritional care with their clients remotely.”

Here, the nutritionist does not really have to be present at a personal meeting with the client or patient, but rather they can give their advice either online or even through a phone. Thanks to the rapid use of such innovative technology, many such nutritionists can offer an unparalleled world of health care and dietary advice to their clients using the best telemedicine software.

Some advantages of using telemedicine are:

o   Flexible schedules

This means nutritionists not only can easily establish their own work-related calendar but can afford to accommodate the same, for their busy clients too.  Such calendars also help them secure the availability of patients who would not otherwise, have made it to their clinics and offices. This is partly because many people do not give nutritionists the interest that they would to a specialist in other more urgent aspects of healthcare, such as orthopedic surgeons and neurologists.

o   The ability to work remotely

Here, the ability to work remotely and also make appointments while sitting firmly ensconced in the comfort of their own bedrooms has now opened nutritional care to a whole new world. This has also helped nutritionists remotely supplement current practice while simultaneously extending their overall patient outreach as well.

o   Seamless back-end software

This is another amazing opportunity that has helped make the life of practicing nutritionists all the easier.  It is considerably easier to bill remote clients through various software plug-ins. This technology has moreover also successfully eliminated the need for hiring staff for office work as well as other support personnel.

o   Face-to-face interactions and relationships

Today’s increasingly tech-savvy nutritionist can have face-to-face interactions with his clients via their video conferencing software. Apart from that, it is also possible to opt for simple voice and text services for any follow-up questions that do not mandate an urgent need for an immediate appointment.

o   Patient management software services

Many software suites that have been specifically created for nutritionists working in telemedicine. These suites also possess integrated patient managers that allow the dietitian to access all patient records and thereby check his or her progress accordingly.  Apart from that, the RDN can also be notified whenever the patients will log some fresh data regarding their diet plans and their end goals.

Such data can be viewed in real time by the RDN as and when desired. Moreover, such telemedicine software also allows for seamless note-taking during appointments so that the RDN can concentrate in full, on his or her client only, without the ever-present fear of accidentally losing vital information.

o   The ability to both share expertise and experience

Thanks to the rapid proliferation of telemedicine, many new community forums, and social media groups have sprouted up, that can also help to promote individual brands and even causes. These forums also make the sharing of both documents and caseloads, fairly easy for a large variety of target audiences, both inside and outside the medical community.

o   Conclusion

In the light of the above, we can safely say that telemedicine is a great boon for not just nutritionists, in general, but the very many patients and clients who can now access their services.

Author Bio:
James Crook is a passionate blogger who loves to write on health and fitness related topics. Currently, he is a working as a blogger for a Physical Fitness Dr Wilson shoulder Surgeon. Follow @jamescrook911 for more updates.