How to Gain Fitness & Strength After Having a Baby

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How to Gain Fitness and Strength After Having a Baby

Women who are gym fanatics, keen CrossFitters or powerful weightlifters can find it a little difficult to set aside the pace of their routine during their pregnancy. It is amazing to watch the changes that take place in the body and to bring new life into the world, though many of us will also be keen on getting back to the gym. Any losses in fitness are temporary and there is so much we can do to speed up the journey to a lean and strong post-baby body. Goal setting, holistic exercise and sound nutrition are the pillars of getting back in shape.

Setting Small Goals with Wisdom

Immediately after giving birth, you will find that the focus is instinctively on your new bundle of joy. Renowned trainer Jillian Michaels says that a new mom should start exercising two weeks after delivery, with a short 10-minute walk. Increase the length of the walk by five minutes every week and by around week seven, you should be able to complete a moderate cardio workout for around half an hour. You can also do light strength
training twice or three times a week a couple of months after giving birth. New moms who are able to may find that enlisting the help of a personal trainer, goes a long way in terms of motivation, variety and changing intensities.

A skilled personal trainer will help you target specific areas. Many new moms complain, for instance, that their breasts lose firmness (since they have increased and volume and stretched out skin during pregnancy). Excess skin and sagging in the abdomen can be another bugbear. Some women note that no matter how much exercise they do, stubborn fat in some areas can be impossible to get rid of. Thus, many turn to the Best Mommy Makeover plastic surgeon in their area to obtain a helping hand. Makeovers come in many different packages; some involve a breast lift or augmentation and liposuction, while others (such as laser treatment to tighten skin) are non- surgical.

Adding a Dash of Holistic Magic

Feeling confident and motivated is as important as the actual exercise you do. Post-natal depression, which can freeze us into inaction, is a big obstacle, which is why we should take particular care of our mental health.
Over the past decades, numerous studies have been carried out on holistic or mindfulness-based activities such as yoga, Tai Chi and mindfulness meditation. The results are unanimous: these millenary practices have the powerful ability to lower levels of stress hormone, cortisol, improve our mood and even help us obtain a better night’s sleep. Yoga, for instance, which involves the performance of asanas (poses) in combination with controlled breathing, is the epitome of mindfulness – being in the here and now – honouring and accepting our sometimes conflicting thoughts and emotions without letting them overwhelm us.

Nutritional Support

Make sure to stock up on energy given foods, including lean proteins, organic produce, nuts and Omega-3 fats. You can burn hundreds of calories when you work out, so consume the fuel you need. Now is not the time to go low carb; carbohydrates are vital for the energy boost you need to perform your best.

Exercise, mindfulness and a sound diet are essential tools during your journey to greater fitness and strength. As a new mom, it is important to set reasonable goals, to be in tune to signs that you may be overdoing it,
and to take the time to prepare home-cooked meals. Cherish this unique time in your life; don’t rush through it – they say it goes by faster than you ever dreamed!

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