How To Lose Belly Fat

Do you have a little extra chubbiness around the waist than desired?

Some say daily sit ups and crunches will melt the fat away. Or maybe the 30 day abdominal challenge would do the trick and get you the perfect abs you desire. Is there really a fast route to abs of steel? Well, when it comes to weight loss, there is no one-size-fits-all routine that will produce instant results. However, here’s a guide on some lifestyle habits that can put you on the right track:

Perfect posture.

Slouching not only affects your spine and back but it also affects your abdominal structure. Maintaining a good posture will train your body to pull in the protruding tummy that you have. By doing this, you will also engage your abs throughout the day. We might as well suck it up!

Healthy diet.

Your diet is always important whether it be to lose a hanging gut or rubbing thighs. You Are What You Eat – and the truth is, abs are made in the kitchen. A hundred crunches and a hundred croissants do not go together. Furthermore, a hundred crunches and any pastry daily just will not work. It’s much easier to eat less calories than to burn them.


Water to flush the system.

Water is needed for numerous reactions in the body. Look at it this way:

  1. The conversion of fat into fuel requires water
  2. Your muscles contain water that needs to be maintained so they can function
  3. Dehydration (lack of water) affects your endurance which can then hinder your performance during exercise and thus impacts calorie burn.

Water therefore affects how effective your workout is and your overall weight loss journey.

Lift those weights.

Strength training is one sure way to burn excess body fat while still retaining the muscle mass that you have. It will also help to build additional muscle mass and it keeps your metabolism in over-drive. After strength training, your body continues to use up energy (in the form of calories) to bring itself back to a resting state. This means you will continue to burn fat after that last dead-lift. The muscle gain will also use up more calories since it takes more energy to maintain muscles than it takes for fat.

 Complement with cardio.

A sedentary lifestyle is never the answer for a banging body. There will be days when you don’t feel like picking those weights up or furthermore you are not in the mood to hit the road and head to the gym. On those days, you still need to keep active at least with some simple cardio. 80 calories burnt is still better than zero. You could even try some HIIT if you aren’t up for the monotony of jogging on the treadmill for about half of an hour. HIIT is short and sweet but it will give you that after burn that will keep those calories dropping.

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