How To Overcome Tiresome Days

Life is one crazy and unpredictable journey.

When the kids aren’t at home giving trouble the job and your boss at work are giving you hell. You have long hours at work only to return home to additional work again. The laundry must be done, the house needs to be cleaned, the clothes for the next day need to be ironed and then the kids need help with their homework. The last thing you want to do is a 30-minute workout or furthermore cooking a nice healthy meal. Some determination and loads of motivation are needed to endure a long and tiresome day.

Get up and get going.

Don’t complicate the day any further by oversleeping or lagging. Oversleeping makes you feel more exhausted anyway and it most likely will cause you to have to hit the ground running with no stops on the way.

Plan your day

Make a to-do list, prioritize the tasks and cross off those completed throughout the day. Visible progress is great motivation.

Always take a lunch break.

By mid-day your energy levels have decreased significantly after the consistent grind. Take some time out to breathe and refuel. Try taking 15 minutes to eat and a quick 30 minute nap. Give your body some time to warm up again and then return to your day with success in mind.


Eat right

Leave out the fast sugars like candy, white bread and sweetened treats. These will only give you sugar rush or “high” that will speed you up for a moment followed by a sudden crash after when all the sugar energy has been quickly consumed leaving your body low on energy. It’s this crash that makes you moody and sluggish.


Dehydration can also cause you to feel sluggish. Keep your fluid levels up; water usually does the trick.

Baby Steps

Focus on one step at a time. Do not overwhelm yourself with what else is left to do on the list. Remember that step 1 comes before step 4. Try to complete it before worrying about anything else.


Yes, exercise can help you cope with long tiresome days. Exercising causes your body to release the feel-good hormones that make life a sweet dream. You surely then will feel a lot better about your day.

No Man is an Island.

Get help if you can. None of us were created to do it all alone.

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