How to Overcome Workout Fatigue

Tired abs, weary legs and shortened breath are not the most encouraging symptoms to endure when embarking on a new fitness journey.


Workout fatigue is annoying and that is the sad truth. Sometimes this one “pain in the butt” is the defining moment where persons may opt to quit their fitness journey. The good thing is that there are some steps that can be taken to relieve the pain and make your fitness journey easier.


First you need to eat right. Your muscles enable your movement and therefore they must be fed and well nourished. Malnourished muscles are unable to withstand any exertion and this will cause you to crash out.

Make sure you have some sugar in your body. This will then be used in the form of glucose to energize your muscles. Try healthy sugary options. You may get your sugars from fruits, shakes and 100% natural juices. Cut out foods that will give you a sugar rush and then make you sluggish like white bread and candy.


Proteins should also be included in your diet. Proteins are comprised of amino acids which help you to repair and grow those same muscles that also need to be energized.

Vitamins and minerals make the magic happen. These micronutrients are the little tiny components that allow numerous reactions to occur in your body and the breakdown of glucose into energy is not excluded. Without them your body is stressed out and incapable of functioning effective whether it be for exercise or for your regular daily routine.


Water as we always say is so important. It helps to flush out the waste that can poison your routine. Water also helps to hydrate your muscles and keeps them perfect.

Don’t forget to breathe. Your muscles in most cases use oxygen to breakdown the glucose in your body into energy. If your breathing during reps is stifled, then your muscles will have less energy to use. Of course, there is always the last resort of anaerobic respiration where your body breaks down glucose to make energy without the help of oxygen. This however produces less energy than if there was oxygen present in your body. So just keep breathing because it keeps your muscles pumping.

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