Infographic: Ultimate Fighting Championship

Infographic: A Beginner’s Guide to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

Guest Author: Michael Nash

Here’s a fact which may surprise you – it has been 25 years since the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was founded.


Yes, the premier event in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has been in existence for a quarter of a century, even though it has only entered the large-scale public consciousness in recent times following the FOX Sports deal in 2011.

The success of the UFC brand has been helped significantly by the renewed bombardment of marketing from Dana White and FOX, but it’s the differentiation of martial arts styles that makes UFC bouts so intriguing to watch.


Competitors will spend a massive amount of time studying the fighting styles preferred by upcoming opponents and tailor their training sessions accordingly.


This is now one of the largest pay-per-view sporting event in the world, with global Television audiences of 800 million households.


Dana White the sporting governor has grown this sport globally, meanwhile he has in excess of 2 million followers on Twitter.



The bouts may seem like uncontrolled fighting to novice viewers, but every UFC bout involves a great deal of strategy. The battle is tactical as well as physical.



How Do You Win or Lose Your Fight?

Panel Decision






Biggest Pay-Per-View Fights in recent times



December 2015 – Aldo vs McGregor – 1.2 Million PPV


July 2016 – McGregor vs Diaz – 1.5 Million PPV


August 2016 – Diaz vs McGregor – 1.65 Million PPV

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My Fitness Boutique, a pay-as-you-go gym in London, created an infographic which newer fans of UFC would enjoy.

It charts the history of the franchise, explains the fighting styles and fight outcomes, and lists some of the most astonishing UFC records that have been set.

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Some notable records include:

Fastest Title Victory – 13 Seconds

Most Title Defenses – 10 Defenses

Fastest Submission – 9 Seconds