Its Simple – Take A Walk

Simply Put – Take A Walk

Some of our very own writers and support team have also told us that this is one of the easier treatments to take. This treatment of simply going for a walk – it may be brisk or one to get you winded and your heart rate up, or it may simply a bit more casual movement.

Each member of the team indicated that this form of exercise, was useful:

  • When they had a mental block on some project that they may have been working on
  • To help them think through a complex situation
  • As a means to gather fresh ideas, which may have been because of a change in environment

However it may not be just a co-incidence that going for a walk helps break the monotony of our jobs especially for Creative Thinkers, CEO’s and Strategists.There has been research presented, that shows the effect of walking helps blood flow and oxygen levels to the brain. Maybe this is one reason that our thoughts and any mental blocks are sorted through when we do go for a walk.

Therefore we can see a mental and a physical benefit almost immediately. In other ways the brain may benefit as there is thought to be an increase in the brain-derived neurotrophic factor  (BDNF). This increase also leads to enhance cognitive function. Along with these BDNF’s, there is also the release of dopamine as well as serotonin and norephinephrine. This has been classed as a good mix that can help you power through the remainder of your day. Based on just taking a 20 – 30 minute stroll, you can have these benefits.

Further to this, there has been additional benefits that at the end of the day, supports our overall lifestyle. Some of our own team members suggested that they had their general mood improved as well as sleep patterns were a bit more consistent.

Along with this – stress and anxiety was also reduced, which over time helped with business relationships and personal relationships as reported by the team. Scientists also showed that over time, the parts of the brain that controlled thinking and memory, increased in volume. In other words it was like increasing the processing power.


Some members of the team partnered up with each other, and this added to the supportive efforts to get going. In fact, at the team briefings, some persons indicated that having a buddy also allowed them to also bounce the issue or helped them developed solutions just by going through this process of a walk.

In other quarters as we researched this article, it showed that along with all of the great benefits of improved mood and bonding, the long term form of exercise can also can contribute to helping fix vascular cognitive impairment (VCI). This VCI, is seen in dementia patients, and because the brain is a highly metabolic organ, it needs that much required volume of blood flow.

Before we get going, it may be wise to invest in a comfortable and suitable pair of shoes, as well as to be sure to get hydrated. For those supportive work environments, the various departments can work this into the schedule of team members, similar to how persons take a lunch break or a coffee break. Lets consider it a walking break, as such then the company benefits by having a workforce which is likely to be more intelligent as well as with better moods.

Our team took a walking break today…

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