Long & Beautiful Eye Lashes

Eyelashes frame & define our eyes.

Good, long, beautiful & dense eye lashes are something that all of us want.

For functions & events, we may apply mascara or wear fancy lashes, but wouldn’t it be more wonderful, if only we had natural dense eye lashes. This post will give us insight on how to grow eyelashes beautifully & naturally at home. Yes, we do have serums & creams that promises growth of eye lashes but why not try something that is organic & user friendly!

Only topical applications of creams, oils alone are not sufficient. It is also important we eat right for hair growth, particularly eye lashes & hair. Eat guavas, apples, berries and other fruits as much as you can (a fruit a day at least ), green leafy vegetables and some proteins – eggs, milk, nuts, pulses.


Always watch your eye make up completely before going to sleep. They may weaken the eye lashes & doesnt promote growth of the new eye lash. No matter, how tired you are or how late it is the night, make it a point – to wash your eye make up completely!!

  • Topically apply the mixture of castor oil & olive oil mixture damped on a cotton wool over the eye lash. The combination denses the growth of the eye lash & strengthens them.
  • Take a  cotton wool & dip it in rose water and put a drop or two of castor oil, this will promote the growth of the lash. The rose water is a coolant & eye lash strengthens the hair growth of the lash.
  • Topically apply petroleum jelly (vaseline) on the eye lash before going to bed & wash it away with rose water dipped in cotton.
  • Take a tea bag, dip in hot water & apply the water on the eye lash… It will give you beautiful & long eye lash!

These are small & easy to do tips for having beautiful & lengthy natural eye lashes…Say buh-bye to fake eye lashes!

Massaging Your Eye-Lids

If you start to massage the eyelid area and near the lashes, there is increased blood flow. This circulation also helps boost the growth of your lashes. Think about massaging your head and how it stimulates hair growth to the scalp, its the same principle.

Just use your fingers (wash your hands before you start) gently massage the eyelid area along the lashes. It may be good to do it once a day for about three times a week.


Eat Healthy

Food that promote healthy hair growth include those which contain Omega-3 fatty acids. These compounds have been proven to do such. A good example is to eat is salmon.

Greek yogurt contains Vitamin B5 and that would help promote blood flow. This is good since healthy hair needs a good blood supply. This can also possibly help thicken the hair, and give it more body. Of course with such growth, the need to moisturize is important. This can be done with Spinach which has a good supply of Vitamin A, Iron, Folate, Vitamin C as well as Beta Carotene. This helps prevent breakage as well.

Just for a little body flair cinnamon helps with circulation and the more oxygen and nutrients your hair get the better.

Author: Akansha Dalmia

Food & Health Blogger- thewellbeingtalk.com


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