Love Cinnamon

If you love cinnamon then you may be on to something which is of good benefit to you.

In olden days, cinnamon was much more precious than gold, however in today’s economy the value of cinnamon is now placed elsewhere. In a previously published article – it was highlighted that the rate of endometriosis seems to be increase.

Based on some research, the use of this wonderful spice seems to mitigate the heavy bleeding associated with menstrual bleeding in some of those instances. In female reproductive health this may be used to treat endometriosis as well as some forms of fibroids and menorrhagia.

Blood Pressure

Cinnamon may help you if you have a little bit of issue with high blood pressure, and its regulation. Cinnamon has been known to act as a “blood thinner”, and its overall properties seem to have a good influence on blood pressure. According to a 2006 study conducted by the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, cinnamon actually helps reduce blood pressure in people with diabetes. A note of caution should be that if persons are on aspirin as a form of medical intervention/treatment, then the use of this spice should be monitored by a medical doctor.


This spice fights those germs on our food. It is antibacterial, anti-fungal and even antiviral in its properties particularly on food. Seems as if sprinkling some cinnamon helps in food preservation, and along with this the consumption of this is good for our bodies. Cinnamon has been used in fighting the common cold (anti-viral) as well as in fighting lung problems. Emerging research seems to suggest that the anti-viral properties may be effective in the HIV fight or its management. It appears that the cinnamon extract may prevent the virus from entering cells, based on preliminary findings.


Feeling a bit queasy in the stomach? Poor appetite? Nausea? Using cinnamon in the widely available forms can help. From relieving stomach gas to drinking cinnamon tea to help nausea, this wonder spice can help. In fact – giving a bit of cinnamon to children can also boost appetite – particularly for the picky eater.

Fights Cancer?

So far, most of the experiments on this spice and its effect in fighting cancer have been in animal studies. In those results – the cinnamon extract used slowed the growth of cancer cells and in fact cause the cancer cells to die. By extension, the properties found in treating cancer have to be fully evaluated. Included in this benefit is that cinnamon has antioxidant properties and also free radicals which can contribute to fighting those cancer cells.

Brain, Learning & Memory

Research has shown that poor learners have lower levels of a particular protein in the brain called GABRA-5 and higher level of protein also in the brain called CREB. Both of these proteins are important in learning and memory. In the animal experiment, those animals which were fed cinnamon and then tested – were found to complete their learning and problem solving task twice as fast as when they did not use cinnamon. When cinnamon is digested, the body converts it into sodium benzoate, which promotes healthy neurons that are essential to learning.

Maybe next time you go shopping and you peruse the spices – be sure to try the cinnamon out and see if you receive any of the health benefits.

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