John Carlos

  • Acne – Many of us know how traumatic this condition is, and how harrowing the experience in our daily living this can have. Acne occurs as a result of the clogging of those pores in our skin, with dead skin cells […]

  • If you love cinnamon then you may be on to something which is of good benefit to you.
    In olden days, cinnamon was much more precious than gold, however in today’s economy the value of cinnamon is now placed […]

  • Reiki has been named as one of the most useful therapies good for a variety of people.
    Currently its effectiveness for a wide age group and categories of persons has found its acceptance even in hospitals. This […]

  • “Endometriosis is a medical condition that occurs when the lining of the uterus, called the endometrium, grows in other places, such as the Fallopian tubes, ovaries or along the pelvis. When that lining breaks […]

  • Three Foods to avoid if you have High Blood Pressure…

    As most of us may know, salt is the enemy of the heart. Too much of it does great damage causing blood pressure issues and cardiac arrest. But to tell […]

  • How Laser Hair Removal Works on Different Skin Types and Hair Color

    The effectiveness of laser hair removal is dependent upon several factors including skin type and hair color. Some lesser factors […]

  • Good Tips For Safe Healthy Weight Loss

    Losing weight can be one of the hardest things to do in your life. It can be also be frustrating because there are so many choices out there.
    When you feel overwhelmed, […]

  • Estrogen Therapy – Pros & Cons
    In the past years, many women have stopped taking estrogen hormones because of the reports that it can cause heart disease. Now, researchers are discovering that this hormone is not […]

  • Also known as the third set of molars, the wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth in the mouth to erupt, which normally happens around the ages of 17 – 25.
    For many years, there has been a lot of controversy as […]

  • Over the course of time many persons encounter the fear of their poop color being other than normal.
    What is normal poop color? Normal all starts with what our daily diet looks like as well as our lifestyles and […]

  • The voice-activated  Amazon Echo device answers thousands of everyday requests, like setting a timer, playing music, ordering a pizza or changing a thermostat.

    Now, this device can help save someone’s life. Ale […]