Men + Natural Skin Care

Natural Skin Care For Men – Yes!!!

Most Need To Do It…

Let’s face it, most men could do a much better job of taking care of their skin. While the trend has been that more and more men are paying attention to their skin, there is still a long way to go. Perhaps this is due to a lack of awareness, or maybe it’s because they are afraid of looking feminine when buying skin care products. Whatever the reason, natural skin care for men is the answer. We are sure many women would also appreciate the effort of men taking care of their skin.

To be clear, when referring to natural skin care for men, we are talking about more than showering and shaving. We are talking about a complete skin care regimen that is done on a daily basis. What products you use will depend on your goals, as well as the current state of your skin.

Okay, it’s time to do some shopping. This can be a trying experience if you are not familiar with skin care products, but you can do this. Luckily, there are now more skin care products for men, and they can typically be found in the shaving section, or by the soaps and shampoos. If the store is large enough, there may be an entire section devoted to men’s skin care. The good news is that you shouldn’t have to worry about having to sneak into the women’s section to get what you need.

Rule of Thumb

You will have to carefully read the labels of each product to make sure you are getting products that provide natural skin care for men. A large number of skin care products contain chemicals, and even though these chemicals may do what they promise, they certainly are not natural. A good rule of thumb when reading labels is that the ingredients should be familiar to you, or at least easy to pronounce. There a few exceptions to this rule, but it should lead you in the right direction. Products with glycolic or salicyclic acid are your firends as they help remove dead skin and keep our pores open.

Your skin care regimen only needs to cover a few bases:

Clean – Getting rid of the dirt and grime that accumulates on your skin is a more delicate process than most men realize. Our tendency is to scrub it all off with grit and elbow grease. The problem is that this can strip away natural oils and upset the balance of your skin chemistry. Use a soap-free cleanser that is meant for your face, though it is okay to use a mild soap for everywhere else.

Moisturize – Dry skin is UGLY skin. How’s that for blunt? How easy it is to keep your skin properly moisturized will depend on your skin type. However, you still have to be careful that whatever natural moisturizer you use, doesn’t work to the point of causing your skin to stop producing its own moisture. Take a look for those which have sunblock or sunscreen included. You can also help to moisturize your skin from the inside by drinking plenty of water.

Exfoliate – This is a process where you remove dead skin cells that have accumulated on the outer layer of your skin. You can exfoliate using mild abrasives or chemicals. The key here is to make sure you only use products that are meant to exfoliate, and to do so gently.

Serums – They are like multi-vitamins for your skin.

Razors – Cheap razors NO GOOD. Invest in a proper shaving device. It’ll be one of your better investments. Slow down the movement. If you move too swiftly or apply creams too quickly you may cause damage. The razor should suit you, your skin texture and even the coarseness of your beard. Shaving actually helps in exfoliation and can act to keep the skin looking young and also healthy.

Sugar – Watch how much sugar and sugary products you may use. Your diet is important. A diet high in sugar may also cause irritation and inflammation.

If you’ve tried this, then share this within our club community – send us a message of your results.