New Year, New Diet

The Christmas diet in some countries is a pretty, intense one. Rich in meats and certainly not skimping on the processed meat products.

There’s ham, there’s beef, pork, lamb, turkey and even turkey ham. On the sweet side of things, plenty chocolates, candy, cakes and desserts of all types are offered and served 24/7 everywhere you go. By January 1st you’ve broken the scale. Without a doubt a detox and a new year’s diet is required. Here’s how you may get started:

  1. Swap out your regular carbonated drink and other sweetened beverages with water.

This should help cut back on the sugar and in extension cut back on the calories consumed daily. If you need a smoother transition, try consuming one serving on juice at your first meal on mornings. This way you are more likely to burn some of those calories at the end of the day.

  1. Breakfast is important

Now that we are on the topic of breakfast, don’t skip it! Get your metabolism going first thing in the morning by ensuring that you have breakfast. If you consistently skip breakfast your body will eventually hold on to the Christmas calories since you are not providing it with regular sustenance. Pack in the fibre too. It gets things going.

  1. Eat regular small portions.

This makes the metabolism less docile as the body has a more regular pattern for digestion. Also, the smaller the meal and the less stuffed you are, the less work your body has to do during the digestion process.

  1. Little starch and little fat.

    Greek salad

Serve smaller portions of starchy foods such as rice, potatoes, pasta and breads. You may also want to avoid fried foods and especially pastries. Instead of serving yourself with the starches first, start with the steamed vegetables and salads. Please note that potato and pasta salad do not apply here.