No Gym Required: How To Get Fit At Home

Written by: Helen Bradford

Nowadays we are surrounded by costly gym memberships that are only shiningly clean and playing trendy music. Let’s not be fooled, because – you can easily lose weight, get quality exercise, and stay fit without even hitting the gym.

This can all be done effectively and forcefully without spending loads of money. How you might wonder? Well, at your precious home of course. If you think that exercising at home is a long gone thing, you are totally mistaken.

Here are a few energetic and useful ways to get fit at your home.

Many people actually don’t opt to go to the gym because it is either too far away from their homes, or more often, they simply don’t have the time. It can be rather tricky to have to carry workout clothes and equipment to your office and then change, or even worse, go home to change and then head out to the gym.

Exercise at home is far easier and practical. It is only vital to schedule a workout plan and stick to it. For instance, do body workout or cardio minimum three times per week, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday in the evenings.

Try yoga or Pilates on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and leave Sunday for relaxation.

There are numerous workouts for which you don’t need any special equipment, only your body. You can get fit easily by doing sit ups, push ups, lunges, press ups, and the fantastic burpees.

Burpee is a magnificent workout where your whole body moves in synchronization, and by a combo of squat, push up and jump, you are building up your muscles as well. The key to any body workout is to start firstly working out for a period of time, rather than setting a number of reps.

Start by coming 4 workouts in 30 seconds, then gradually increase to 60 seconds, and so on. You will have a scorchingly hot bodily figure in no time.

After a certain period, some plain bodily workout might get too repetitive and tedious. That would be a signal to get innovative. Nowadays you can get creative without spending a lot of money and get great home gym equipment such as CyberFit has to offer and create your own little area for exercising.

For the beginning you might need a power rack with a flat bench and a few Olympic weights, one or two hex dumbbells, a speed skipping rope, a kettle-bell, a quality rubber gym flooring and you are good to go. You can use props around your house to upscale the difficulty level. For example, for squats, you can lean your hand on the chair and do a one-leg squat, or just try squatting on the chair.

If standard press ups became too easy, place your feet on the chair and they try doing them.

Since you are in your own little sanctuary, you can combine and mix exercises however you desire. However, if you wish to get fit, the best thing would be to speed up your tempo from time to time.

If you don’t have a treadmill or an indoor bike for cardio at your home, a great thing would be to do a 15minute set of jumping jacks or mountain climbers. Take only a 30-second break, and do another rep. This high tempo indoor exercise will undoubtedly get you sweating, thus you will be losing weight and getting fit.

Ease up the tempo by doing 1-minute wall sit or the classical plank. In the end, try to control your tempo in order not to hurt any of your muscles.

Even if you don’t have any limitation to your choice of workout, or a trainer advising you what to do, you still need to be responsible. Always stretch after a tiring workout. Besides being useful for your muscles, it is a perfect stress reliever.

Proper stretching should last up to 5 minutes. Sit on the floor, spread your legs wide and begin the stretching. Make sure that you stretch your calf, quadriceps, hamstrings, shoulders, and arms as well. Stretching should never hurt if it does you had better contact your physician.

Of course, you must find the right balance between your work and exercise, and improve your diet significantly, and you would get fit in no time.

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