It is inevitable in men! As a man grows older – his prostate increases in size. That little walnut sized gland which wraps around the urethra (the tube that holds the urine), enlarges bit by bit as a man is aging.

This enlarging also means that a man will see more frequent bathroom stops as compared to when he was in his 20’s or 30’s. Along with this enlarging the challenge is to do things to help maintain a healthy prostate, and guess what!

Diet and exercise fits right into that routine.

Did you know – that your diet can impact your prostate health? Therefore let us look at ways to improve or to strengthen our prostate and keep it as healthy as possible.

Eat Your Fruits & Vegetables

Well – we all know this only too well…However we need to just re-state the obvious. This time as a guy you should be consuming a minimum of five servings of fruits and/or vegetables every single day. Furthermore, if you can get as much colour in your produce as possible in your mix then this is even better. As a man you can choose your tomatoes which come jam packed with lycopene an important phytochemical, maybe some pink grapefruit and papaya.

These along with maybe watermelons have enough healthy nutrients to support a good prostate.

Reduce Your Stress

Stress – this seems to pop up all over the place and cause a lot of issues from head to toe. Stress as we all know, causes some hormones to increase in levels. More specifically cortisol remains high if we are constantly stressed, and worsen the conditions of a man’s urinary tract as well as to contribute to development of symptoms which can impact the prostate.

There can be the inclusion of various stress-reducing techniques such as Yoga, Meditation, exercise as well as other relaxation methods.


As a man grows older, the waistline also tends to become more prominent as well. In other words, belly fat seems a bit more difficult to trim. Due to this imbalance of weight to height ratio, then the body weight is unhealthy. Overall, this also means that an exercise regime should be employed to ensure that a healthy body weight ratio is kept and this also means that a man’s prostate by extension is part of the healthy machinery..

Exercises involving the Prostate area such as Kegal exercises also help to improve the circulation in the Prostate. As you urinate, stop the flow, and then restart. Do these squeezes for about 100 times daily for positive results. Once you identify which muscles you are using you can do the exercise anywhere.

Sedentary Lifestyle  – also contributes to poor prostate health. Those persons who work in those professions that allow you to sit for several hours at a stretch are at higher risk. Jobs such as drivers, persons with long daily commutes, pilots and clerks who sit for hours.

On the other hand, bicyclists are also at risk as this can put some extra pressure on the prostate, and cause irritation.

Micro Nutrients – Zinc and Magnesium

Be sure to optimize the zinc and magnesium levels. Both of these nutrients are key for testosterone production and xenoestrogen detoxification. Pumpkin seeds are one of the richest sources of both zinc and magnesium. Green drinks and shakes or use super green powders and consume healthy organic meat products, are also good for the prostate.

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