Quick Weightloss-Should I Diet or Exercise?

How Simple?

Is weight loss really as simple as fewer calories in and greater calories out.

Should I work out five times a week and eat as I please? or, Could I get away with just eating right and add a bit of exercise here and there? What can you really get away with, and how lazy is too lazy for the perfect abs, legs and butt.

The truth is it takes way more effort to burn calories through exercise than it takes to eat less calories. So here is the deal: one pound of fat contains 3,500 calories. Therefore it takes a calorie deficit of about 3,500 to lose just one pound. If this deficit is evenly distributed within a week, it then amounts to 500 less calories per day that you can take in, in order to lose just one pound a week.

But before you begin to cut calories from your diet you need to know how much calories your body needs.


Your recommended caloric requirement is important…

The 3500 less calories a week theory means nothing to your body
if you are eating 500 more calories daily than necessary.
 “Jim who works in construction building cupboards and shelves, requires way more calories than Jane who works as a Data Analyst at the Bank”. This is so because men require more energy than women to support their more muscular build. Furthermore, artisans have a higher energy demand than those who spend most of their day at a computer desk.
Therefore anyone on a weight loss journey, needs to know their body’s energy requirement. Your health and fitness care provider can help you with determining this.


The Calories Burnt

After you have discovered your caloric requirement, then you have to determine how much calories you are burning during your choice of exercise. Let’s use walking for a little illustration here.

  • Walking at an average pace of 3 miles per hour
  • For an entire mile burns around 80 calories
  • For a 150lb individual
  • This moderate form of exercise which most people can engage in
  • Will only equate to a calorie burn of 560 a week
  • That is only if you exercise daily.

At this rate, you would not even burn one pound of fat a month if you rely strictly on exercise for your weight loss. This means that your diet is so very important. After you have exercised and the calories burnt have helped you to trim down some fat. Your diet will dictate what you see on the outside. What you eat will either keep you trimmed or make you “fill” out. Abs. are made in the kitchen but of course you still cannot cut out the exercise.


Be Encouraged

Yes, burning calories takes effort and the trimming process may go a whole lot slower than you appreciate but be encouraged, fitnessfusion360 is also here. The slow and steady wins the race. Nevertheless, quick weight loss or not, every bit of exercise contributes to your overall fitness. It improves: 1) Cardiac function; 2) Muscle tone; 3) Mental health and 4) Metabolism. A clean diet will do the same, so, take the diet with the exercise and never believe that weight loss and fitness is way beyond your reach.

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