Staying Hydrated When You Don’t Like Drinking Water

Drinking water is important to our day to day function. Water is necessary for every chemical reaction in the body. It helps to flush unneeded substances from our bodies through our urine, helps to keep our digestive tract moving, and helps with regulating our body temperature through sweating. Without it, we couldn’t survive and even mild dehydration can leave us feeling tired, and can cause muscle aches, headaches, and dry lips and skin.

Even though water is crucial to optimal functioning, a common challenge experienced by those who struggle to drink enough of it is not liking the taste of water, or simply forgetting to drink it. If you find drinking water challenging, here are a few tips to help you stay hydrated.


Eat Hydrating Foods

Our bodies also get hydration from the water in the food we eat. If you’re struggling to drink enough water each day, you can boost hydration by making sure you’re eating lots of high water content foods like fruits and vegetables. Watermelons are a fantastic option and can be cubed or sliced and eaten solid, or blended into a refreshing drink for convenient use on the go. Other fruits and vegetables that can help you to stay refreshed, hydrated and cool include cucumbers, citrus fruits, and other types of melon like cantaloupe and honey dew.


Infuse Your Water

No need to buy a fancy infuser bottle. To infuse your water with flavour that makes it easier to drink, thinly slice fruits and vegetables of your choice and place them in a container (choose one with a wide mouth that makes it easier to use and clean).

Add some crushed fresh herbs of your choice, fill the container with water and let it sit overnight. In the morning, strain your water and you’ll have a light tasting, refreshing beverage to sip on throughout your day.

Some good options for infusing your water are slices of citrus fruit like orange, lemon and lime, or mixed berries. Cucumber gives a light, refreshing taste and add sprigs of mint or basil, or a thumb of ginger for an extra kick.


Carefully Choose Your Beverages

The beverages we drink throughout our day are a major source of hydration, but depending on what you drink, you can also be consuming a lot of unhealthy added substances. Choose beverages that are on the lighter side with less sugar, caffeine, dye or artificial preservatives. Herbal teas are a great option as well as decaffeinated green tea (caffeine acts as a diuretic and can increase dehydration), and with zero calories to them, you can drink to your heart’s desire. Soda water is another way to get the feel of soda plus the hydration of water without the additives.


Keep Sipping

While these tips will help you to stay hydrated, there’s no perfect substitute for good old H2O. If you struggle with the taste, try sipping throughout the day rather than forcing yourself to down a big glass or bottle all at once. If you tend to forget to drink water, set some reminders throughout your day like a phone alarm or sticky notes around your work area, or drink a few sips every time you do a certain activity that serves as a reminder, like answering the phone or finishing a chapter of your book.

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