Tackling Body Odors

Do you find people ignoring you while you are talking to them?

Or maybe all of the “in-person” conversations are being always cut short? Maybe you sense people avoid being around you?

Not able to figure it out WHY??? It could be your body odor. Many times our own sense of smell will not set an alarm – even if you tried to smell your clothes at the end of the day!

Antiperspirants & Deodorants are not any use to you; then try adopting the natural remedies to your permanent problem of foul body odors.

The Battle

Body odors are a at times a disgusting battle that each one of us fight as some point in time! With summer approaching, this challenge tends to become worse & the battle seems to be never-ending. Our skin bacteria is at work. This bacteria breaks down the acid present in our sweat, which then result in an unpleasant odor. Sweat is what special glands called – apocrine glands secrete. This is an essential method of regulating the body’s temperature. Sweat is really odorless – however it it the breakdown by bacteria and the end result which causes an odor.

Each of us is different to the other and therefore some persons may secrete sweat more while some may secrete less. However in sweat there is along with water, traces of ammonia, urea, salts and even sugar. Various methods of body care may be adopted to tackle this area of our body odor.

You must take out time from your routine to take care of yourself for having a fit life is a measure of your success.

Body Odor Unique

What we small like has much to do with our own DNA makeup. Therefore your body odor is unique like your own fingerprint. We can even refer to this as our “odor-print”. This body odor is then further made up by what we put into our bodies, and can even play a roll in human sexuality and reproduction.

Ways to take care of your Body Odor

  • Watch out your Food Habits  – Are you eating lots of onions, garlic, fish, green leafy vegetables & cauliflower? The protein extracts and oils from these foods may remain in the body contributing to the bad body odor. Additionally some may be “excreted” though our pores in the skin. We must be mindful of this. Therefore eat them but do not OVER EAT them, they all have a “strong” influence.

  • Tea Tree Oil Topical Application- Apply tea tree oil through dabbing it on a cotton piece on the armpits. It kills or even reduce the amount of bacteria that produce the odors.
  • Rub Lemon on Arm Pits- Lemon, a citrus food, creates acidic environment & lowers the pH of the skin. The skin bacteria cannot survive at a low pH level. Rub some lemon juice & pat dry.
  • Keep your Armpits Clean- I know a few people around who love to grow the hair in arm pits, if you are not cleaning your arm pits regularly, you are only allowing the bacteria to grow & breed in the hair leading to bad body odor.
  • Take A Bath – Bathing regularly and changing clothes often to help reduce the bacteria.
  • Green Tea – Drinking green tea may help. Green tea has compounds called polyphenols which help to “fight” bad odors.
  • Eat More Fiber – Also reducing the intake of red meat helps. The fiber helps to absorb some toxins from the food we eat. These are then eliminated via digestion.
  • Reduce Sugar Intake – Too much sugar, can cause an increase in yeast growth. Over growth of yeast then leads to an offensive body odor.

These work provided that there is not an underlying health problem such as some cases of diabetes or even liver or kidney disease. Additionally some medications or supplements can contribute to an offensive odor. These may then need a medical intervention to help.

Author: Akansha Dalmia

Blogger: www.thewellbeingtalk.com

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