The Color of Your Poop Should Be…

Over the course of time many persons encounter the fear of their poop color being other than normal.

What is normal poop color? Normal all starts with what our daily diet looks like as well as our lifestyles and other health related factors. Therefore this is almost as unique as the individual. However there are broad scale ranges which many persons may tend to fit in that we can suggest if there is an issue which should cause concern.

“Normal Poop”: Brown – Brown-ish

Normal Stool is brown, here’s why… In our gut, our food is broken down or digested with the help of an organ called the gall bladder. This organ produces an enzyme called ‘bile’, which along with the bacteria in the gut helps break down our food for digestion, especially fats. When this is completed, the results of this process leaves the contents which is now passed out with a brown or brownish color. Therefore if your poop is brown and of a solid consistency you are good to go, and be mindful that the process of excretion should not be strained.

But what if your poop is of a different color?


Green poop is likely to be one of the more common colors that are seen. As such, persons will experience green poop if they have recently changed their diet to one which includes lots of veggies. Primary foods which commonly cause a change to a green color include spinach, kale or any of those very green leafy plants. Other sources of green stool are food dyes and the uptake of iron supplements. When food is moving too quickly through the gut and is not being digested properly, or even the use of antibiotics and medication. In any case, if none of the previous were changes which you made, then seek medical attention.


Some persons who suffer from celiac disease, will experience yellow poop, and this is also in response to foods containing gluten. Other reasons which can cause stool to turn this color include poor digestion in the gut, maybe even due to stress. In fact, if persons have a high fat diet it can impact the way that the food is broken down and also cause this yellow color. Yellow poop is also of concern as it may be a sign of liver or gall bladder problems, pancreatic issues (including cancer) or even an intestinal infection. If you have eaten lots of pumpkin and carrots though, then you know this can be a contributor to the yellowish color.

White/Light Colored

Persons who have a blockage or a prevention of normal bile production to breakdown their food will have a pale or white colored poop. This would also be a trigger for a trip to our doctor. Also certain medications, such as sinificant doses of bismuth subsalicylate found in products as Kaopectate, Pepto-Bismol (to name a few) and other anti-diarrheal drugs can cause this color.


Have you have been eating lots of red beets recently? Maybe some blue-berries or even decided to try some new iron supplements, then this will very likely show up in your poop. In such cases, you know that it is as a result of what you have changed – Your Diet. Additionally persons who may have undergone some form of surgery and are unable to properly digest their foods may have dark stool. Now, what may be of concern is that if we haven’t eaten any Black Licorice, Oreo Cookies or such foods with colored dyes, but our poop is still Dark or Black. This may be one of the signs of acid reflux, inflammation of the stomach due to excessive alcohol consumption, tumors or even one of the many indicators of cancer. This should be checked by your doctor.


What red colored foods or dyes have you taken recently? Cranberries, tomato juice or even red beets? None of the above? Then one of the other things to consider now is possibly bleeding in your stomach or hemorrhoids. A hemorrhoid is a type of vein, and when those around the rectum and anus become swollen they may then bleed. This can show up in our poop. Even though you may be embarrassed, red poop may also be as a result of tearing in the anal canal due to straining. Other reasons may even be as the result of an ulcer, polyps, tumors and sometimes simply increasing our fiber intake can improve this significantly.

If for whatever reason you are concerned…just be sure to check with your personal doctor….as it is important to remain in optimal fitness…Also remember you can sign up here and gain some exclusive insights as a club member…

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