The Thick-Fit Life

Some of us out there are pro fitness yet still pro thickness.

Slim and slender is not on trend for most but it is still crucial that you put in some leg work and maintain good cardiovascular health. It’s a dilemma for the figure-conscious folks because the specialist say you should challenge your heart a little with at least 30 minutes of exercise but you can’t take the exercise without a little trimming in the biceps, triceps, hips and thighs. There is an ultimate sweet spot you should aim for if you don’t want to lose your gains. Here is how this sweet spot is achieved.

Shorten your reps.

It’s much easier to lose muscle definition if you over exert your muscles. At this stage, your body goes into a desperation zone where not only fat is broken down but muscles also are broken down. It is important then that you do less reps at a time to prevent this.

Cut the cardio.

Too much cardio means more calorie burn than muscle build. This is counteractive to your goal. Do not completely avoid it but cut back on the frequency of the cardio sessions or trying an interval workout such as HIIT which blends both the cardio and the muscle toning together.

Pack in the Protein

The muscles you worked so hard to create must be fed. Either put in the protein in your diet with more meat portions and servings or supplement with protein shakes. Amino acid supplements could also be a fast acting alternative.

Lift light then heavy

There comes a point in your workout where ordinary squats won’t do the trick. Your muscles will become accustomed to the strain they cause. Here is where you will need to “up it” a bit and add some pounds to your squat challenge to see true results.

Chase a challenge

Go against the norm every now and then. Your muscles wouldn’t like the feel of it but nothing but good results will show. Don’t stick in the rut of a daily 30 minute run on the treadmill unless weight loss is your ultimate goal.These routines are not for the “thick-fit”.

Body structure is unique, and therefore some of us will not be the size 8 model that is seen on the magazine covers. In fact we should all now see beyond this, and become comfortable with our healthy body size. Some of us will just be a bit “thicker” than the next person. The ultimate goal is to be the best health that we can be.

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