Three Foods To Avoid

Three Foods to avoid if you have High Blood Pressure…

As most of us may know, salt is the enemy of the heart. Too much of it does great damage causing blood pressure issues and cardiac arrest. But to tell someone, “don’t eat salt it will kill you!” is a bit too vague when it comes to recommending a heart friendly diet.

Here are three foods you must definitely avoid if you want to keep your heart happy.


Bacon is delicious for most of us and so is ham. There is no doubt that these foods can add a distinctively, pleasant flavour to any meal but at the same time they add a considerable amount of salt to the pot and one
can’t help but to mention the fat! The fat content in ham and bacon especially cannot go unnoticed. Both the salt and fat are heart offenders causing rising blood pressures and cholesterol blockages in the arteries. Step away from the processed meats aisle in your grocery store and keep your heart in check.

*Potato Chips*
Chips do the same damage that bacon and other processed meats do since they are submerged in oil and then salted. Yes, it would be better if the potatoes were baked because baked is better than fried. But let’s be honest, potato chips aren’t the same when they aren’t fried. Remember that stroke and cardiac arrest could be knocking at your door and choose another meal.
No coffee and muffins for breakfast. All caffeinated beverages have been shown to cause a temporal increase in blood pressure for at least three hours. Though this may be a short time, if you already have high blood pressure a further increase may carry you over to the dark side.
Think about your heart before your eat…
[Editor’s Note: This article was originally written by Cara C…a member of our team of writers]
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