Top 5 Brands to Look Out for in the Gym

Top 5 Brands to Look Out for in the Gym

Author: Richard Meadow

It’s safe to say that when you enter the gym this year you’ll likely see most wearing Nike and Adidas.

For some people that’s fine, they go to the gym to work out and it doesn’t matter what brand they wear, for others they want to wear something unique and try something new. Gym wear is an extension of the user’s personality, whether they wear expensive tech gear or throw on an old top that they don’t wear out anymore.

This guide is for those who want new inspiration and new brands to consider, here’s what to look out for in 2018.


Tracksmith is a perfect brand for someone who isn’t fussed about being covered in multiple brands but still wants high-quality gym clothing. Tracksmith is a running brand that focuses on comfort and a more casual 70’s/80’s look that isn’t clinging to your body. The clothing may be styled based on an earlier decade, but it also uses modern technology in their clothing to keep it in line with other brands. The brand itself has a focus on the amateur spirit of athletes and the excitement of starting new challenges, and you can see this in their clothing style. Tracksmith does offer a subtle emblem to offer them some visibility, look out for their unique designs and a small running hare on the chest.

One Athletic

This brand has a unique insignia that is easy to spot from a distance, One Athletics clothing is both suitable for the gym and leisure use. Their high-quality clothing is paired with the need to be different, it isn’t just a badge printed on a muscle fit hoodie, it’s a completely different style to the current market. You would expect this quality and design from the global leaders but if you are looking for a new brand, One Athletic is a top choice.

Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices is a brand that is quickly rising through the ranks. Its clothing is being created from designers that have worked with Calvin Klein and Alexander Wang. Outdoor Voices is a brand of beauty that mixes artistic pastel designs with durable gym use, they also offer their range in both small and larger sizes, unlike some competitors. This is another brand that doesn’t focus primarily on bright colours and over branding, Outdoor Voices is making simple active wear stand out.


Although Asics is a sports giant, their range of clothing is opening into the leisure section, which is still suitable for gym use also. Asics is a reliable brand choice with a focus on running, Asics are renowned for offering the best trainers for comfort and endurance running. Their range in trainers is unmatched and there is a pair suitable for every sport and personality.


With a focus on women and beautifully designed sportswear, Oysho is a choice to look out for in the gym. Oysho clothing is made with the intention of being used for running, yoga, fitness and because of its design, lifestyle. Oysho doesn’t advertise their brand name on their clothing too often but most of their garments have unique prints and designs that make them stand out completely at the gym.

Author Bio: Richard Meadow is a freelance writer that works closely with sports clothing. He enjoys researching and writing about health/ sports and how they can benefit everyone in day to day life. Feel free to follow Richard on his twitter feed…@meadow_richard